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Samurai Of Legend Cheats & Hints

Samurai Of Legend

Money Making:
Submitted by: RM

An easy way to make money is repeatedly make accounts use all you
spins in the Wheel of Destiny and then with the gold coins you get
get to the explore,Gold Temple and get money for your gold and with
all that gold have a main account and get on that account put an 
item in the Item Market for all the money that the guy you used 
your spins on has and then buy it on your alternate account and 
you just earned a lot of money from something.

Power Training:
To power train, wait for a five minute reset, then train 1 time, as
in, do 1 set. Your energy and will should be 99%. Go to the rice patties,
and choose the geisha option. Refresh that page until you have about 400 %
will, then train in the gym, and refill energy, train in the gym, and refill
energy, over and over until your will gets to 100% again, you should have 
gone up a lot in stats.
You need about 300 rice and 300 gold for this. Your Will Shall Go Back To 
100% After The 5 Minute Server Reset, So Train As Much As You Can In 5 

New Player Guide:
 1: Ok so your a new player the first thing you should do is go to "Explore" which is to
the left of the samurai of legend screen then go to "Wheel Of Destiny" while you are doing
the Wheel Of Destiny (WOD) you may get put into the jail but don't worrie as other players
will break you out (they get exp for breaking people out) you may also get put in hospital
if this happens go to "inventory" and use a "newby med kit" you start off with 50 so that
should be anough to get you going you can also buy them from the shop 
2: After you have earnt a little money you should open a bank which will cost you 5000 yen
and you should buy yourself an estate buy the best one you can as the better your house is
the more stats you will get when training 

Once you have a bank you should sell all your gold coins for the same or a little lower
than the cheapest on the current gold coin market (which can be found in explore) 
Ask clan mates if they are interested in buying from you first so all of us can benefit
from each others 
ALWAYS bank your money and NEVER leave things on the market for sale when you log out or
other players will mug and rob it all away from you 

Leveling Up 1-4 
1: Ok this should be a fast process go to "crime" to the left of your screen and do "grave
robbing" you will get 29exp every time you do that crime and you can NOT fail at it 
At level 2 you get 8exp at level 3 you get 3exp and at level 4 you only get 1exp 

It costs brave to do crimes and you can get more brave by going to "explore" then going to
"rice patties" from their you can get "sake" which will refill your brave a little. 

Money Making:
Now that you should have your bank set up an estate and could even be in a clan you should
start thinking about money making 
In SOL you need to save money that's the key no other way about it 
New players (especially under level 10) should sell their rice and gold they obtain from
the wheel 
Sell it at market price don't allow yourself to get ripped off 
The first 30 million you get should be thrown into a long-term investment Note 30 million
is the maximum you can invest Invest that for 20 days and on average you'll get a return
rate of somewhere between 200-250% Also when you do this make sure you do it on a day when
you have a donator day otherwise you'll get much less interest You can sometimes get a
donator day from the wheel of destiny 

Don't spend a bulk of your money at once never more than 20% if you can avoid it The power
of compounding interest will help you in the long run I don't care if its on houses
weapons or what its not worth it 

If you can get a Bank Card no matter what the cost is Spending million now is nothing
compared to the interest it gets you later for the best result you should have double
whatever the price is of the bank card in your bank that way you won't lose out on
interest Here's an example of why you should get a bank card 

Say you leave 10 million in your bank (which is nothing) after 30 days that will become
over 32 million at 4% if you don't have a bank card you'll get 2% and that will only be a
little over 18 million Sure with the pitiful sum of 10 million its only a 14 million
difference but just imagine what happens when your sums are in the hundreds of millions 

If you're a very new player try to sell rice and gold at the market prices As a rule of
thumb you want to max out your city bank account (which is 150 million) and get 30 million
in an investment ASAP So in all honesty your first 180 million should not be spent at all
(unless you buy a level 30 or lower house or a level 100 or lower weapon) You mainly will
get money by selling rice gold and power gym scrolls from grab bags. 

Making More Money: 
Another fantastic and sometimes even better than city bank interest money maker will cost
you 10 million yen a day 
Go to "explore" then the "Grab Bag Center" with 10 million yen and buy 2000 grab bags (no
less always buy 2000 or you could lose money) 
Be careful about getting mugged while you are buying them Have two tabs open and quickly
switch between them or make sure that your health is below 50% so you can't be mugged Have
a clan mate bomb you to achieve this 
Then start to open the grab bags You can get shinai Dragon sculptures Old tattered book
Small Jade Fish Carving Gun Powder Explosives Ono Personal Power Gym Scroll and Power Gym
Admittance Scroll 
You are mostly doing this for the Power Gym Admittance Scrolls as one of these alone is
worth more than 13 million and the price is going up 

Sell to clan mates if they are interested or go to "explore" then "Item Market" and when
in the item market go to "Scrolls" and check the price on Power Gym Admittance Scrolls
Then sell yours about 50-100k cheaper than the cheapest person 
It shouldn't take too long to sell it but never log out while waiting to sell them because
if you sell it while offline you will get it all robbed and mugged away from you.
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