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Shadow Man Cheats & Hints

Shadow Man

Secret "Play as Duppie":
Submitted by: Dj Simo

You must go to the Temple of Life in the wasteland. Get to the
offering chamber, the place where you find the Baton, and walk
into the 2nd alcove, right to left. As you enter the alcove the
secret activated message should appear.

Area 51 mode and Book of Shadows:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

You have to have level 10 Shadow Power. When you get level 10 use
the bear and warp to the marrow gates. You should come out in the
water with 2 waterfalls feeding it. Climb both waterfalls and look
for one with a level 10 coffin gate. Open the gate. Inside the gate
there is a pedestal containing the Book of Shadows. On the way to 
the book, the secret activated message should appear. The book of 
shadows contains concept sketches, comics, drawings, and other cool

Shadowman cheat menu:
Submitted by: Marnix Vervaeck 

Do the folliwing to get acces to the cheat menu with options like 
invulnerability, all weapons, all items, infinite ammo, level select,
and many more. Under the installed folder in the path 
"DATA\SCRIPTS\MENUS\ENGLISH" are three files : "E3.MSC", "DEBUG. MSC",
"DEBUG.MSC" to "RELEASE.MSC" in this same folder. Now; when the game
is started; there will be added menus where many extra options can be

Flame Grilled LeRoi 
To cover Shadow Man in flames, follow these steps. Make your way to
the very last room in the Temple of Life (it holds the Baton). Next,
move to the last small room on the right, and press Action at the 
altar. Shadow Man will offer your Cadeaux in exchange for an energy
upgrade. Press Action again at the altar. Shadow Man will say 
something about the Loa moving out of that altar. Run out and head
to the altar next to the one you were just in. Press Action at the
altar. If everything goes well, you should see a "Cheat Activated" 
message flash accross your screen (in the way Luke's teddy bear does).
Go into your inventory and you should see a new item, the Book of 
Shadows. Select it and your cheat should be there. At the time I 
found this, I had 24 Dark Souls, and that might make a difference,
but I don't think so. 

* Use your ears! You can recognize the various creatures lying in
  wait ahead of you by their sounds, cries, and moans.

* Strafing doesn't work as it does in an action game--you can't turn
  while you're strafing (unless you surrender control to lock-on 
  strafing). Strafing is best used to set yourself up in a good 
  firing position when moving around a corner, or to dodge an 
  incoming projectile.

* Snipe at your own risk! When in Snipe mode, you can't move at all;
  more often than not, you'll discover that your weapons can't hit 
  a foe who hasn't been "altered" to your presence (thereby 
  eliminating much of the usefulness of Snipe mode).

* If you have to swim, kill whatever is in the water first. You 
  won't be able to aim worth a dime underwater, so hop in the 
  water, attract the beasts to you, and hop out. Now go ahead and
  "shoot the fish in a barrel."

* Make sure you have room to back up when attacking one of the 
  charging creatures. You don't want to back into a wall and get
  carved up by the minions of the dead, do you?

* When moving down an unexplored corridor, shoot down the hall 
  into the darkness often; you'll alert the enemies of your 
  presence, shaking them out of their "hidey-holes." Is this a
  good thing? Certainly, because it's better to be prepared for
  an attack rather than to have some nefarious Deadsider drop 
  down on you.

* Don't forget that you can hold down the Fire button to charge up 
  your Shadowgun, in order to deliver a more powerful blast.

Nettie bleeds:
Go up to Nettie. After she tells a story of your journey or fate, 
approach and shoot her. To see her bleed, press Snipe then look 
down at the bottom part of her clothing. You will se a sprinkle 
of blood coming out of her.
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