- Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf Game Cheats and Hints

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Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf Cheats & Hints

Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf

Clock bonuses:
Collect the clocks during the game to get bonus points.
The points can be used to unlock the following bonuses. 

Character Sketch           - (1 point)
Background Sketch          - (2 points)
Storyboard                 - (2 points)
Backgrounds And Characters - (1 point)
Behind The Scenes          - (2 points)
Intro Storyboard           - (3 points)
Hidden Autumn Level        - (3 points)
Hidden Past-Present Level  - (3 points)

Hidden Back In Time level:
To enter the hidden level in Back in Time, enter the Back in
Time level door from the opposite side. 

Hint: Defeating the Red Hairy Monster:
Leave the sheep in the Annex and walk into room where the Red 
Monster (Sherman) is located. Immediately speed past the Monster
on the left side. Sync your jump with his, and jump towards him
and over his ring. He will chase you, but do not let him squash
you. Speed around him in tight circles until he gets dizzy and 
falls down. If you do get squashed, just run away from him until
you pop out of it then try again. After he falls, quickly grab 
the sheep and lay him on the button. When the quadra-platform 
cools, jump on it and continue to jump onto the platform on the
right until it spins clock-wise enough times to lower the lens 
over the torch (and shine a beam on the Red Monster).
Repeat this step two more times with the other lenses until 
Sherman falls across the lava and creates a "bridge." 
Get your sheep and walk over him to the goal. 

Hint: Defeating the Dragon:
Go to the one weird Lost In Time level. Get the clock and go
back in time near to where Sam the sheep dog is found. A 
Dragon should be in front of you. Go back to the future, 
and the Dragon will go with you. Sam will know that the 
dragon will try to burn the sheep. Sam will run down to the
Dragon and punch him away. This trick will not work if you 
are not in Sam's area.

Hidden Autumn level:
Go to the Autumn level hallway and go to the right to find a 
black wall. Double jump through the wall into a hidden hallway,
and enter the door at the end of the hall.
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