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Sherwood Dungeon Cheats & Hints

Sherwood Dungeon

Quick Sand:
4 quicksand go to the end of the island then it'll keep you from moving go
back 2 steps. then go ford and sink man sink.

Note: This will count as a death and respawn u. Fore the easy slide glitch 
rapidly tap the up arrow (it looks like this ^ ).

Dark Overlord:

Unlockable        How to unlock
good rank        - find charlieprince in either chatroom 45 or 1
recomendation    - find and destroy a randome clan in chatroom 99
a frost overlord - go to the frost place
a water guard    - your station is under the bridge if you get that
a castle guard   - the best rank you can get in a war

To teleport type in these codes:

/teleport1 is sherwood castle
/teleport2 is haunted palm island
/teleport3 is frost bite island
/teleport4 is the water island
/teleport5 is ancient sherwood
/join1     takes you to chatroom 1, change the number to anything less than
           100 to go to that chatroom 
/level1    is dungeon level 1. change the number for a completley 
different dungeon. Note: You must type in a number equal or less than 
your level when acsessing dungeons.

Dancing works:
Dance with the ring of 100% healing ,while in battle, with a shield in one
hand, and a power weapon in the other hand, and your healing time will double.
If you use the amulet of speed while doing this, your healing time will be 10 

Dungeon walls:
Ok go to a dungeon (any of them!) well this isn't excatly a code but
if you scroll down while wlaking against a wall u can go thru it!

Talk to ladymarian

Unlockable          How to unlock
enemy characters - /roi
levels           - /mama
walktrough       - /papa
potion           - /kuya
items            - /jerome
dragons          - /ako
bounce           - /wanwan
glitch           - /ninyo

Richest ever:
OK so type /LeveL250 into the chat bar and it will take you there pick up
some stuff. Then type /LeveL1 and go to that guy who sells stuff and he will
buy it 4 30k!

Loads of Money:
Submitted by: ben davison

this is for loads of money (((i mean loads)))

first type in /level999,then get as much items (((not runes))) as u can hold,then 
type in /level1 then go up the stairs,now go to the merchant thats above you now,
then sell all items that say level999 u will get bout 126457 gold off only 1 item.

Submitted by: NURDI0021



playeur online:


Submitted by: KILLA

Ok so 1st u type /level 500 in ur chatbox and then pick up about until your inventory is 
filled actualy and then type /teleport 1 then go to the merchent he will take it for 
90k each item. 

Massive damage:
If you go up to an enemy and get them to attack you, just guard (shift and ctrl) for a
while (maybe about 25-30 seconds. Then attack. If you hit him the first time after 
blocking, you will do extra damage.

Cheats,Teleport And More:
Submitted by: BugTracker

First Im Gonna Tell You How To Do Easy Teleport To Another Location.

First Type:

You Just Type That Codes That I Give You On Chat Bar.It Will Take You To Another 
Location In Seconds.

If You Want To Know Are Playing Right Now On You ChatRoom.
Just Type /Who On The Chat Bar.
Secondly Just Type /Camera To Take Shot Of The Room You Are In.

Lastly:Type /Fps To Rate Your Frame On The Chat Bar.

Wall Glitch:
Go to sherwood castle and then near a lady called Lady Marian there are big walls to go 
up to sell your things. try to go on the wall and go up to the middle. then go down and 
try to go inside the wall. Then when you are inside it you will be underground!^

Submitted by: wargod

All the teleports till today
/teleport1: sherwood castle
/teleport2: haunted palm
/teleport3: frost island
/teleport4: lost lagoon
/teleport5: island of ancients
/teleport6: island of heroes
/teleport7: stone circle
/teleport8: battle arena
/teleport9: midnight glade
Have fun guys
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