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Silent Steel Cheats & Hints

Silent Steel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

SILENT STEEL Walkthrough** (Spoilers)
By: (David Liska)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:56:04 GMT

Those who haven't played this game yet should really check it out. It's one
of those games that you hate when you're losing, but love when you're winning.

Below is one of several possible solutions. If anyone has any others, please 
post and e-mail to me. Thanks, Dave

-=DISK 1=-
* This is the Captain.
* I'll be right down.
* I'll need to see you in my Cabin XO, ASAP.
* This is as serious as it gets, XO, 
* How she got out is anybody's guess 
* I want you supervising SONAR, Mr. Foster 
* We were liaison-authorized to talk to the battlegroup 
* I received the message from COMSUBLANT 
* At best speed, what are the probable positions of a submarine 
* Kilo class submarine, export type, possibly 
* Standard speed will be sufficient, but let's go deep 
* I'd like to load all the tubes, make each ready to fire 
* Did you try isolating it with the other passive sets?
* Best guess, ensign, what is it?
* Do we have a problem or are we worrying about nothing?
* How long would a hull search take?
* I want to lock out a diver, XO 

-=DISK 2=-
* Get it back to the Chief Engineer 
* I'm willing to listen to a list of suspects 
* Anything strange happen in the line-handling party, Mr. Wheeler? 
* Everyone's a suspect, Mr. Wheeler 
* You put that device on the hull, Holland, admit it.
* Holland, we know you're lying.  Tell us the truth.
* Admit you did it, Holland.
* I heard that already.  You were the last man below, right?
* I'm placing you under arrest, Petty Officer Holland 

-=DISK 3=-
* Sound the general alarm. Battle stations. Torpedo.
* My intentions are to return fire and break contact with the hostile submarine 
* Continue to close with target vessel 
* Fire tube one!
* Take evasive maneuvers.  Deploy counter-measures.
* Give me time until Mark 48 ADCAP impact.
* Time until Set-65 impact.
* Do you have a contact, ensign?
* Can you give me a course and speed on this contact?

-=DISK 4=-
* I'm going to my cabin for my sidearm.
* Put the gun down Wheeler, you really don't want to hurt anyone.
* Get me a firing solution.
* Match bearings and shoot.
* Mr. Foster, what's the time to Mark-48 impact?
* Come to periscope depth.  Give him the nav fix.
* Shoot!
* Close in and generate new bearings.
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