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Sonic Adventure Cheats & Hints

Sonic Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: emma.sutherland1

Title Screen Cheat 
Up,up,down,down,left,left,right,right to access this function. 

Light Speed Ring 
Go to the hotel after you have the light speed dash. In the hotel,
you should see some steps, go up them then press Left, Right. Use 
the light speed dash to travel across the line of rings. The door 
should be open. Get the light speed ring. 

Another Hidden Egg 
Go to the place where Amy was in prison. In the middle prison cell,
there is a multi-colored egg. Hit the switch to open the cell and 
grab the egg. Exit the prison room and go to the opposite side of 
the big room you enter. At the extreme opposite side, there is a 
locked door. Spell out 'EGGMAN' with the floor buttons to unlock 
the door. Go in and enter the warp. Hatch the egg in the Chao Garden
to have a multi-colored Chao! 

Evolve Your Chao 
Get any color chao and then give him all the animals you get, if 
you are lucky he will be changing color, take very good care of 
him (meaning dont hit him) and he will sit down after you give him
alot of animals. When he sits down he will get into a shape, the 
shape he does when he is going to run away, dont worry if you haven't
hit him. When he gets out of the egg he will be an adult chao and 
ready to mate. 

Silver & Gold Chao 
With Sonic, go to the place where you played chaos 0. Find a rock
that looks like a chao egg then go into the antique shop. Go in the
window and find a gold (looks green) and pick it up and put the rock
where the gold one was (if you dont put the rock there than you will
not get to get out of the store.) Take that to a chao garden and 
hatch it a gold chao will come out. Go to the Mystic Ruins after 
you have done the above and press the button on the wall by the 
lake. A silver chao egg will fall out, let it float to shore then
take it to a chao garden and you will have a silver chao (you will
still have the other chao (gold)). 

PC Art 
Insert the game's disc into a PC and search the directories for ".bmp" 

Be Super Sonic 
Complete the game using all 6 starting characters. 

Be Tails 
After obtained during gameplay, Controller 2 will be Tails. 

Faster Spins for Sonic 
To spin faster, tap X or B repeatedly. 

Alternate Views At Twinkle Park Race 
During the race, press Up. 

Full Pause Screen 
Pause the game and press Y + X. 

Select Sonic's Snowboard 
Before you enter the snowboarding phase of the Ice Stage, 
press X to get Sonic's Blue Snowboard or press B to get 
Sonic's Yellow Snowboard. 

Remove Pause Menu 
Press X, Y to remove the pause menu.
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