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Sonic Heroes Cheats & Hints

Sonic Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Defeating Egg Emperor:
To defeat the Egg Emperor, you have to destroy the shield of the robot. Then, 
keep attacking the blue/purple circle on the chest until its HP goes to zero.

First, destroy any enemy in your path and collect as many rings as possible, 
dodging the attacks as you go. When you get to the "arena", destroy all cannons, 
collect ring containers or balloons, and destroy robots until you have filled 
your Team Blast. Then, launch it in range of Egg Emperor. Your aftereffect will 
boost you while you attack. When you have no more of an aftereffect, switch to 
Flying Formation and continuously press [Action] to launch Thunder Shoot repeatedly 
to greatly damage him. Repeat this until he is defeated. 

An easy way to defeat Egg Emperor is to wait until you are in the battle area. 
Go to Power mode and destroy all the cannons. Get the ring boxes underneath. 
When you have all of them, you will have Team Blast. Use it. It works best when 
his shield is down. Then, attack him whenever he lowers his shield. This works best 
with Team Rose and Team Chaotix, where you can stand a distance away and fire.

Easy coins:
To get easy coins, jump on the three stars on the three starred bumper. 
Note: You will only get a five or ten coin block. 

Defeating Egg Hawk:
Run down the path of rings, avoiding Eggman's fire. The entire battle will have 
you running around in a giant circle. There are Power Cores in boxes and on the 
sides of the beaches, but you will not need them to defeat this opponent. When 
you reach the beach areas, Dr. Eggman will land the plane (if slow enough). He 
will begin to spin the plane and fire. Change to your Power Formation then attack 
the right gunner and damage the plane's body. Attack him as much as you can until 
his HP reach 0. 

Sonic does team's special move again: 
After doing Sonic Team's "special team move", quickly find an enemy and do "Blue 
Tornado" on that opponent. Sonic will do the team's "special move" again. 
Note: This does not work with any other team. 

Statue in Hang Castle:
As either Team Sonic, Team Dark, or Team Chaotix, enter the Hang Castle level. 
Play through the stage until you get to the statue of Eggman. Then, flip the 
castle upside-down by using the nearby switch. Note: You cannot flip the castle 
here as Team Chaotix, as the statue will already be flipped over. When you flip 
the castle over, you will see a different statue. This is a statue of Metallix 
(Metal Sonic), the real Boss of the game. 

Stop time:
As Team Dark, after you do a Team Blast time will be frozen until your 
Team Blast meter empties.

Three rings:
This trick works with Tails and Rogue. When the Fly character has no characters 
to Thunder Shoot, they will throw out three Rings. 
This will paralyze opponents that come in contact with the rings.

Get team members back:
When you are fighting another team, and have lost all but one team member, simply 
use Team Blast and they will all return. 

Homing attack after Amy's spinning:
You may haven't noticed this but you can do homing attack after Amy finishs her 
spinning in the air.Just press A after she finishs it. 
This can help you to get hard reaching spots.

Climb up the pole while it isn't activated with a switch:
With Team Dark go to this kind of pole. Use Team Blast (Chaos Inferno) with Z button 
to stop the time(If ypu haven't noticed, this Team Blast stops even Gameplay time!).
Then do the Dark Tornado attack with Shadow to hop on the pole. 
You'll be climbing on the invisible one.

Play 2 player with metal characters:
Submitted by: sid

This cheat will only work with 2 the team and just when you select the 
location press and hold y and a (change charecter right and jump)

Sneaky Espio:
All characters in Speed formation have their own ability when they do the Tornado Spin.
Shadow's Black Tornado is stronger than Sonic's Blue Tornado. Amy's Tornado Hammer sends
the tornado forward and she can also hover in the air during the attack. However Espio's
Leaf Spin makes him invisible. With this, Espio can pass around enemies without being 
detected. He can also pass the red lasers that the other teams cannot.

Thunder Jolt special:
If you play as Tails, Cream, Rouge, or Charmy, you can do a helpful hidden move. This
only works when your flying character is in level 3. If you see a lot of rings in front
of you, and you do not want to deal with the circling around the rings to get every 
single ring, switch to flying formation. Use the Thunder Jolt towards the rings. The
character that is thrown towards the rings turns into a magnet and will collect the 
surrounding rings.

3 Rings symbol:
If you look closely at the 3 Rings symbol, the "ends" of the rings will have a different
"tip" to it. The blue ring has an air streak tip. The character in that ring will have 
attacks that either contain speed and/or air attacks. The red ring has a fire tip. The 
character in that ring will have attacks that contain fire. The yellow ring has a 
lightning bolt tip. The character in that ring will have attacks that contain lightning.
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