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Sonic R Cheats & Hints

Sonic R

Close view of Course:
At the course select screen press Up and Down to zoom in and out

Play as Dr. Robotnik:
Get 1st place in the Radiant Emerald course

Get Radiant Emerald Course:
Get 1st place on each regular course

Play as Super Sonic:
On the 1st 4 courses collect all 7 chaos emeralds

See Demo:
View the demo or bypass the Travelers Tales and Sega 
screens by pressing Action + Accelerate

Bypass Credits:
HOLD Action + Accelerate + Changeview and press Start

Play using same character:
In the multiplayer mode HOLD Changeview and press Action

Control Logo on Title Screen:
Use directional keys to rotate and Change View to change color

Get Secret Characters:
In each level there is 5 coins. Collect them all and finish 
the race in first, second or third. After you finish a secret 
character will challenge you. You have to win the race to get 
that secret character. Note: You get Metal Sonic in Resort 
Island, Puppet Tails in Radical City, Metal Robotnik in Regal 
Ruin, and Cyber Knuckles in Reactive Factory(Use Super Sonic 
against Cyber Knuckles and take as many shortcuts as you can. 
He knows many shortcuts and goes almost as fast as Super Sonic)

Slow characters down:
Go to the options menu and select "Controls". Set them to whatever you 
are comfortable with, then when you get down to "Drift", set X for left
and V for right. Then when you want to slow a character down, Amy works
well, go to their side and drift into them. It will slow them down 
considerably. They will be left in the back to accelerate again while 
you are hurrying past him/her.

Hidden pictures:
Search the "Help" folder on the game disc to find 3-D pictures of Sonic,
Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and Robotnik/Eggman. There are also aerial views 
of all the levels (except for Radiant Emerald).

Special characters used against you: 
Note: This works when not racing to unlock the character. If you play as 
any special unlocked character other than Robotnik, all other special 
characters you have will be used against you.. For example, If playing 
against Tails/Knuckles/Sonic as Super Sonic, Puppet Tails/Mecha Knuckles/
Mecha Sonic will be your opponent.
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