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Starsky & Hutch Cheats & Hints

Starsky & Hutch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: sanam

Use a text editor to create a file named "local.ini" in the game folder.
Add one of the following lines to the "local.ini" file to activate the 
cheat function. 

Note: You can also disable a code by using "=FALSE" instead of "=TRUE" 
in the text entry.

Effect                              local.ini entry
All cars in episodes/seasons      - FE_UNLOCK_ALL_CARS=TRUE  
Always advance to next mission    - CanAlwaysPlayNext=TRUE  
Can skip conversations            - CanSkipConversations=TRUE  
CPU auto-play                     - PlayerUseAI=TRUE  
Create super profile              - FE_CREATE_BEST_PROFILE=TRUE  
Disable all sound                 - DisableAllSound=TRUE  
Disable conversations             - PlayConversations=FALSE  
Disable gun icon in HUD           - TurnOffThatFeckingStupidGunIcon=TRUE  
Disable most civilian traffic     - UpdateCivilianTraffic=FALSE  
Disable skid marks                - DISABLE_SKID_MARKS=TRUE  
Free Roam mode                    - FE_ENABLE_FREE_ROAM=TRUE  
Locker                            - FE_ENABLE_LOCKER=TRUE  
Maximize visual range             - MaxVR=TRUE  
Monstertruck                      - MONSTER_TRUCK=TRUE  
Never run out of visual range     - NeverRunOutOfVR=TRUE  
Show HUD                          - Show_HUD=TRUE  
Skip video card selection screen  - SKIPDEVICESELECTION=TRUE  
Speed mode                        - SPEED_CHEAT=TRUE  
Start game paused                 - StartGamePaused=TRUE  
TV Specials                       - FE_ENABLE_TV_SPECIAL=TRUE  
Wide wheels                       - CARLOS_FANDANGO=TRUE  
Wobbly car                        - FUNNYBONES=TRUE
Season 1 unlocked                 - FE_SEASON1_ACCESS=TRUE
Season 2 unlocked                 - FE_SEASON2_ACCESS=TRUE
Season 3 unlocked                 - FE_SEASON3_ACCESS=TRUE
all car                           - rko
unlimitate time                   - lks
always turbo                      - raw
unlock all                        - samck

Submitted by: Sunny

Me and my friend jayram found the best cheat,you can unlock all the cars,  specials etc.... by typing your profile name as "VADKRAM" THEN
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