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Star Trek - Armada Cheats & Hints

Star Trek - Armada

Cheat Codes:
Update by: junwn
Submitted by: Terry O Leary

Press [Enter] while playing, then type:

Code                       Result
kobayashimaru            - Skip to Next Mission 
showmethemoney           - Increases Money 
phonehome                - Chat List in Multiplayer Mode 
screwyouguysimgoinghome  - Boot List in Multiplayer Mode 
canofwhoopass            - 99 Additional Officers 
imouttastepwithreality   - enter Gamma quadrend
avoidance                - quicker crew production
youstopmecold            - quicker ship production
nomoreships              - Enemy's science ships disappear

HexCheat: Invulerability:
First open the file RTS_CFG.H. Go to the line under difficulty settings 
and modify the line which says:

float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5; or
float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0; to float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.0; or float HARD_DAMAGE = 0.0;

or whatever you want. Higher numbers make it harder. Then set the game difficulty
to Easy or Hard. This will make your shields impervious to normal weapons fire. 
Any specials that naturally kill shields will still work. 

Transport More People:
Modify the same file as above (RTS_CFG.H.) and look for the line 
TRANSPORTER_MAX = 5;. Change this number to something higher and your transporters 
will carry more people each time. 

Unlimited Money Trick:
This cheat will allow any player with access to a NEBULA class starship with the 
GEMINI EFFECT to a source of unlimited money.

To do this have your NEBULA class parked close to a ship yard with another ship 
(should be a ship which can be quickly dismantled, [any of the first three classes
of ships should work fine]) parked close. Fire the GEMINI EFFECT onto this ship 
and once it hits have the cloned ship sent for dismantling. If done quickly enough
you will gain money for the dismantled ship, without losing any ships this process
can then be repeated as many times as needed as a continuous source of money.

Fool Those Romulans:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When a Romulan science ship uses Holo Emiter on you, you can transport through their
shields with your holo-ed ships.

Neat Black Hole:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

In the multiplayer level Junkyard, play without shroud or fog. Once the game begins,
the Premonition (future ship) falls into the black hole at the center of the screen.

-The Federation Steamrunner class and Romulan Raptor class have the longest firing
 range in the entire game. They also do more damage than any other single weapon, 
 and have splash damage. Use them to weaken enemy defences from a distance.

-Borg Assimalators are equipped only with torpedoes. Don't send them to the front 
 lines; use them for support, as torpedoes can miss.

-It's a good idea to have more than one advanced or normal shipyard. Never know 
 when you might need that extra Sovergnc:)

-Romulan Warbirds are probably the most practicle ships in the game, as they can
 cloak (all romulans can) and can drain enemy shields. In the final campain for 
 single player, use Warbirds as much as possible.

Easy money:
If you use the Gemini Effect on the Nebula Class starships on a friendly ship, then 
have that copy get decommissioned. You will get money for it.

Fly through asteroids and nebulas: 
Use the Shadow class ship for the Romulans then use the Phase Cloak. You can now 
travel through asteroids to enemy bases. You can even travel unharmed through red
nebulas and other types. 
Note: The Phase Cloak is limited in range.

Build your own mission:
Go to the multi-player screen and enter "Instant Action". Select your team, the 
amount of money you can have, a large amount officers, and plenty of crew. You can
also turn off fog and clouds. Then, select the map and push "Launch" to begin.

Super weapon:
When playing as the Federation, seize control over a Klingon shockwave ship or the
Romulan ship that creates the rip in space. After getting it, build a Nebulae class
and research Gemini Effect. Use Gemini Effect on the captured super weapon and you 
then get two. You can identify them by seeing which super weapon has least amount 
of energy. Move quickly and use the copy of the super weapon. You can do massive 
damage to anyone, though the copy only lasts fifteen to thirty seconds. 
Use it as many times as desired.

Better resources:
Use a text editor to edit the "rts_cfg.h" file in the game directory. Change the 
following settings under the "// resource gathering parameters" to change the 
corresponding resource. Edit: 

"int cfgMaxDilithium" value to change the maximum amount Dilithium that can be mined. 
"int cfgMaxOfficers" value to change the maximum amount of officers. 
"int cfgMaxCrew" value to change the maximum number of crew members. 
"int cfgStartingDilithium" to change the initial amount of Dilithium available. 
"int cfgStartingCrew" to change the initial number of crew members. 

Recommended defense:
Put the following perimeter around the protected area. You should also have some 
advanced shipyard vessels on standby.

            P.P      P.P    P.P    P.P 
      P.T       P.T     P.T     P.T    P.T
             S          S       S        S
P.P: Pulse Phaser 
P.T: Photon Torpedo 
S: Sensor Array
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