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Star Trek - Starship Creator Cheats & Hints

Star Trek - Starship Creator

Extra Buying Credits: 
First you need to create a ship using as many credits that you can, the
more you use the easier this trick will be. After your ship is built use
the "Export Ship" function under the Fleet Heading. Once you have done 
this, go to the Main screen and enter a new "Admiral" name. Then use this
new name and go to the fleet screen once again. 
Once there, use the "Import Ship" function to import the ship you created.
Once it is in this new fleet, decommission it and the value of the ship 
will be credited to your buying funds. Keep Importing and decommissioning
the ship that you  created and your buying funds can go through the roof.
I stopped at 1 Million credits.

Better Parts: 
If you play under the difficulty level of "advanced", you will have a 
wider selection of parts for each vessel you decide to use. For instance,
the Defiant class ship's original defense mechanisms only included a 
navigational deflector and shields. With an advanced playing level, you
are also granted the use of ablative armor and a cloaking device. 
Also, when you pick your class of ship, the hull mainframes will be empty.
This gives you room for modifications. 

Big Bucks in Seconds: 
Go to any of the difficulty levels,and then go to the "Fleet" screen, and
select a fully loaded ship(must have 2 torpedo launchers and all types of
probes, best to use a Galaxy, Intrepid or Excelsior class ship). Go to the
select mission window and select the mission "Test Launch a Probe and 
Collect Data" Once in the simulator select, from the control bar to the
right of the screen, Accelerate. It will take around 10-15 seconds to 
complete the mission

Get Ships Without Paying for Them:
To get ships without paying for them do the following. Create a new admiral
and then start constructio on a ship, it doesn't matter if you run out of 
money. When you have completed it (or run out of money), go to the fleet 
screen and export the ship. Now, go to the options menu and delete the 
admiral you just used. Create a DIFFERENT admiral and go to the fleet 
screen of this admiral. Import your ship and bingo, you've got your ship
without paying for it (or if you ran out of money, continue building it 
and then repeat the procedure remembering to use a different admiral every

Lots of Money:
Open the program and create an Admiral. Check the amount of money you have.
Close program and open Wordpad. 
Open the file C:\Program Files\Starship Creator\Shipmain\Usrs\Usr1.cst.

If you have more than one Admiral, increase the Usr1 to Usr2, etc. Do a 
search on the amount of money you have. Replace it with all 9's. Do not 
enter more 9's than the number of digits already there. Save the file. 
Run the program and you should have the new amount of money for your 

Unlimited credits:
Create a new ship using as much credits as possible. Use the "Export Ship"
option after building has been completed. Return to the main menu and 
restart the game using a new Admiral name. Return to the fleet screen and
use the "Import Ship" option to retrieve the newly created ship. 
Decommission the ship after it is added to the fleet to gain its value 
in credits. Repeat this process to accumulate an unlimited number of 

Extra credits:
Note: Star Trek: Hidden Evil is required for this trick. Go to an Admiral
and then to the fleet screen. Go to "Import Ship" and double click the 
shortcut to Star Trek: Hidden Evil. The game will respond that there are
too many errors and quit. Go back to the program and go to the fleet 
screen. Go to the new Insurrection ship and immediately decommission it.
You will receive about 29292992992 credits. 

Star Trek: Insurrection ship:
Import the "temp.cxt" file in the "ship main" folder in the game folder 
to get the ship from Star Trek: Insurrection. Do not decommission the ship
or you will lose all of the credits you have. Note: This will not put any
errors on the system. You can also use this as a lose money cheat. 
If you do not want the ship, remove the cheapest part of the ship and
you will get a lot of credts.
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