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State of Emergency Cheats & Hints

State of Emergency

Submitted by: conner54

Unlimited Time in Kaos Mode:
To get unlimited time, beat Arcade Mode in all Kaos maps. 

Unlock Maps in Kaos Mode:
To unlock maps in Kaos mode, complete the following challenges: 

Chinatown           - Get 25,000 points in Kaos Mode in Capitol City Mall
East Side           - Get 50,000 points in Kaos Mode in Chinatown
Corporation Central - Get 100,000 points in Kaos Mode in East Side 

Unlock Characters in Kaos Mode:
To unlock characters in Kaos Mode, complete the following challenges: 

Bull   - Complete East Side in Revolution Mode
Spanky - Complete the Mall in Revolution Mode
Freak  - Complete Chinatown in Revolution Mode 

Get Last Clone Standing Game:
Use Kaos mode and beat both the 3 and 5 minute timed games for the map
Recommended weapons:
Although the AK47 has more power than the M-16, it has a slower rate of fire 
and not as much range. The mini-gun can carve through a crowd full of people 
in five seconds or less. 

Easy power-ups:
Find an area in any level where you can run back and forth reasonably far and 
has weapons power-ups on either side. Draw a large crowd of enemies between 
this area and simply proceed to run back and forth. When you are ready to let 
loose, turn around and begin to strafe. Run to the other side as you pick up 
all the diseased ones' health and time bonuses. When you reach the other side,
take your new weapon and start again.

Destroying buildings:
Use any and all explosives to your advantage. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, 
and even molotov cocktails can be used to blow up buildings. When throwing an 
item into a building, face a window directly and it will go right in. Destroying 
buildings is where the big money is at. 

Disable bombers:
To disable bombers, set them on fire with the flamethrower. They will die without 

Use head as a weapon:
Use a shotgun and shoot them. A part of their body will fall off and you can pick 
it up.
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