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Strife Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Pause game play and enter one of the following codes.

Code          Effect
STONECOLD   - kill all enemies on level
OMNIPOTENT  - invincibility
JIMMY       - all keys
DONNYTRUMP  - all money and artefacts
PUMPUP      - accessories
GRIPPER     - stealth boots
RIFT##      - warp to level ## (level number 00-xx)

BOOMSTIX    - all weapons
TOPO        - full Map toggle (use when looking at map)
LEGO        - one piece of the Sigil each time its used
SCOOT#      - teleport to map spot
ELVIS       - no clipping mode
GPS         - display co-ordinates
DOTS        - FPS Ticker
SPIN##      - switch music to track ## (00-35)

Stat increases:
You must follow the "B" plot by killing the Oracle before seeing Macil to have 
the chance to get the following ten stat increases. All stat increases result 
in 1 Stamina and 1 Accuracy. Each increase raises your Accuracy and Stamina 
values by 10 (out of a possible 100 total). 

Complete Prison Mission             : Macil awards tokens.
Complete Power Station Mission      : Irale and Medic in town awards instants.
Complete Sewers                     : (Macil awards tokens.
Complete Training Facility level    : Switch at end awards instant.
Complete castle mission             : Macil awards tokens (kill Programmer).
Kill the Bishop                     : Oracle awards tokens.
Kill Macil or the Oracle            : (Oracle or Macil awards tokens)
Shut down transmitter in mines      : Instant.
Shut down peasant converter machine : Instant. 
Kill Loremaster                     : Instant.

Keys can be found at the indicated location. 

Base key: Rowan (Near Sewage plant in town-2). 
Govs key: Macil (Front Base). 
Passcard: Governor Mourel (Governor's home in town-2). 
ID Badge: Prison door guard (Prison entrance-5). 
Prison key: Warden (Upper level, prison-5). 
Severed hand key: Judge Wolenick (Lower level, prison-5). 
Power 1 key: Movement spy (Warehouse of the power station-4). 
Power 2 key: Technician (Upper level of power station-4). 
Gold key: Technician (Power station-4). 
Power 3 key: Technician (Core area of power station-4). 
ID Card: Sewer guard (Beginning area of the sewers-6). 
Silver key: False Programmer #3 (Audience Chamber in Castle-8). 
Oracle key: Guards right outside of the temple (Borderlands-11). 
Military ID: Keymaster (Borderlands-11). 
Order key: Guard inside base and warehouse filed guard (Bailey-17). 
Warehouse key: Sergeant Guard (Bailey-17). 
Brass Key: Macil (New Front Base-10) 
Red Crystal Key (Conversion Chapel-24) 
Blue Crystal Key (Conversion Chapel-24) 
Chapel Key (Conversion Chapel-24) 
Catacomb Key : Richter (Order Commons-23) 
Security Key: Quincy (hospital area of the Fortress:Bailey-17) 
Core Key : Acolyte (near water area in Fortress:Administration-15) 
Mauler Key: Warehouse guard (Stores-17). 
Factory Key (Ruins-25) 
Mine Key (Ruins-25)
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