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Stronghold Crusader Cheats & Hints

Stronghold Crusader

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: scott

Press [shift] on the main menu. During game press backspace and type yes and you
will have unlimited gold and have 50 peasents avalible.

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Naum

Here are cheat codes for both the shareware and the full version and Shareware 

Code      Effect
KILLEM  - kill all enemies on level
STUFF   - invincibility, all weapons and keys, and a teleporter beacon
IBGOD   - invincibility
LISTIT  - accessories
OPEN    - all keys stealth boots
MONEY   - money and toughness
GOTO##  - warp to level ## (32-34)
GUNS    - all weapons
MOVEME# - teleport to map spot
IDDT    - full map toggle (use when looking at map)
ILIVE   - auto use health toggle (Same as pressing F5)
AIBRAIN - AI toggle
SPIRIT  - no clipping mode
IDMYPOS - display co-ordinates
IDMUS## - chang music to track ## (01-10)
TIC     - devparm Toggle

Full Version:
Code         Effect
STONECOLD  - kill all enemies on level
OMNIPOTENT - invincibility
JIMMY      - all keys
DONNYTRUMP - all money and artefacts
PUMPUP     - accessories
GRIPPER    - stealth boots
RIFT##     - warp to level ##
BOOMSTIX   - all weapons
TOPO       - full Map toggle (use when looking at map)
LEGO       - one piece of the Sigil each time its used
SCOOT#     -  teleport to map spot
ELVIS      - no clipping mode
GPS        - display co-ordinates
DOTS       - FPS Ticker
SPIN##     - switch music to track ## (00-35)

Submitted by: scott

Press enter on the main menu and you will hear a clunck and during game press 
Backspace and type "invincible" and you will have an invincible crusader and 
your men will be invicible as well.

Submitted by: Maestro

At the Main Menu, press Shift + Alt + A to enable cheat mode. Now
during gameplay, press any of the following:

Alt + C = All Missions
Alt + K = Free Building, No Resources Required
Alt + X = 100 Popularity and +100 Gold

Submitted by: Terry

At the main menu hold down shift and ctrl and you will hear a bell.
Then as your playing the game you will have infinate gold.

Submitted by: Fawad Hassan

In strong hold crusader you will clear all areas in very short time.

when you will clear 1nd stage then gives three chickens and play 5th 
stage near the victory save the game.Then uninstall the game and again 
install the game and run your save file of 5th stage you will watch that 
you will get all chickens.

Submitted by:Ben The Administrator

To stop enemys getting out of there castle for a while, place an ox tether in 
front of their gatehouse.

Submitted by: khalid

if u really want to get down enemy's walls quickly just click on mercenery 
post and produce 6 or 7 assa ssins alongwith 1 or 2 arabaian bow men and 
then click on both of them and then click attak here and attack any enemy 
building not enemy towers u will see after some time assassins will raze 
down the walls in seconds .it is quick than trebuchets and also quicker 
than catapults.try it have fun!

Crossbowmen are useful for base and offensive measures. You should build up at least
fifteen Crossbowmen at the start. Buy them and place a tower near a stronghold or 
farm, depending on the landscape. For offensive tactics, build up at least 75-100 
Crossbowmen, 2 Balista or 8 Assassins and 2 Catapults. Take out enemy tower first, 
then move the Baslistas and Crossbowmen in for the kill. Pick off enemy troops and 
use Assassins to take the gate house, or have a Siege Tower so you can get on to the
ramparts. Then, have your Crossbowmen shoot the Enemy Lord while only suffering 
minimal casualties. Note: This does not work well in multi-player games against human
opponents without the support of a lot of Swordsmen. However, this is still a high risk
tactic in multi-player mode as the opposing lord may wipe out your Crossbowmen. 
For base defense, when you have your production up and running, you need to have two 
to three large Siege Towers full of Crossbowmen. This tactic works very well. To get 
crossbowmen recruits up and running, build one or two dairy farms. Then build three 
Tanners to each farm and have three or more armorers to build crossbows. Have eight
or more peasants around the campfire. You should have your keep enclosed by now. If
you have a money source, you can buy Crossbowmen. Have many iron mines or quarries 
for income. Also, you can have inns and raise taxes. You should also have gardens 
for the people. 

Lookout towers:
Lookout towers are very useful, as they give good missile unit defense. Build an army of 
20 Archers and select 5 of them. Set the game to slow speed and send the 5 archers to the
tower. Quickly select another 5 Archers and send them in before the others get there. Do 
the same for the other 10 to get 20 archers on a small tower.

Tower-mounted Mangonels can prove to be good siege weapons. In many maps, the keeps start
in close proximity to each other. Build your walls out as far as they can go. Place round
towers and lookout towers on the wall facing your opponent's castle. Fill them with Archers
and Mangonels. In many cases, you can hit the enemy's walls with the Mangonels from you own.
Also, if you Archers can reach their walls, you can clear his Archers from your own walls. 

Mounted Knights:
Mounted Knights are very useful for being a thorn in the enemy's side. Build 20 to 40 of them 
(depending on the enemy; Rat will only need 20, but Saladin will need 40). Send them out to 
destroy enemy farms and resources. Make a destructive sweep, then return to your castle. 
This is quite useful for stalling enemy production.

Siege equipment on walls:
Use the following trick to get siege equipment on walls (not the mounted ones that are bought,
but the ones that you make). Build a Gatehouse connected to a wall and build stairs far away
from this. Send the equipment that you want through the gate from the outside to the inside.
As soon as they are inside the gate, shut it and they will appear on the wall heading for 
the stairs. Stop them where desired (but not on towers as they will disappear), then you 
have a nice weapon on a wall. 

Stone and market:
If you have a level where you are near a lot of stone, build two to four Quarries. Then, 
make the same amount of Ox Tethers near them. Increase you stockpile to about six to nine.
Keep working on getting stone. You will still have to work on other things to protect 
yourself. After a few minutes (if you do not waste any stone or use a little), you will
have 500 or more stone. If you built a Market already, you can sell your stone for about 
100 to 350 gold each, only letting you have a choice to make low, average, or no taxes 
at all. 

Hold enemies captive inside their own castles:
Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place one or two of them directly outside 
the gatehouse(s) of your enemy's castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first. 
Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse 
to destroy them, but cannot get through. They will just walk back to their spot. Your 
enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers
cannot get back inside. Also, the gatehouse(s) that you blocked may spontaneously crumble
after awhile. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. The small
army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. When your army is built
up, you can move over and wipe the whole castle off the map. Note: Make sure that there 
are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably destroy your Oxen Tethers.

During the beginning of the game, if you have good open space around you Granary on an 
oasis, you can build three or four Apple Orchards, two or three Dairy Farms, two Hops 
Farms, then build only three Wheat Farms ( around the Granary). Then, near the Granary
where there is not an oasis space, build a Mill and two Bakeries. This will keep constant
food production; it will not run out even when you have about a 90 population limit. 
Next, build one or two Breweries and one or two Inns. Also, build a Church. This will 
get the population happy to about +4. Wait until you have 100 popularity then raise the
taxes to average taxes. Keep that at a constant rate and you can have a lot of gold 
flowing into your keep.

Unlimited population with no need to feed:
You can avoid the hassle of having to constantly provide food and worry about population
limits by building lots of Chapels. This increases your religion happiness to about 8+ 
if you have enough. You also need to get a full +5 for Fear Factor. At this point you 
can stop feeding them and have a huge population. You can get around 50 people to make
bows and you can set the taxes to low and still make about 120 gold per month.

Great economy:
When you first start, use all your stone to set up some defenses and build four to six 
Wood Cutters Huts. Build a market as soon as possible, and buy about 150 Wood. Build 
nothing but Wheat Farms in your farming area. If you have some resources nearby, such 
as Rocks or Pitch, use them to get some Gold. As soon as you start to get some Wheat, 
build about four to six Mills and about twenty to thirty Bakeries. Once you get enough
food, set it to Double Rations, and if you have enough gold, build a couple Chapels, 
Churches, or Cathedrals. If you have all three, you will get +3 points on Religion. Buy
some Hops and build some Breweries. Place about four Inns throughout your Castle. About
halfway through this process, you should set the Tax to -4. When you are done with this
you can set the Tax to -12 or even -20, depending on the map. Make sure to keep your 
defenses up. With this setup you will soon have more than 2,000 Food even with double
rations, over 20,000 gold, and a very good a stockpile.

Submitted by: Osama Magdy

When you can't make a Knight or Siege Weapon get up or get down stairs ,select the 
Knight or the siege weapon with a unit which can get up stairs (Archers, Swordsmen, 
Engineer etc..)then click on the stairs or the other side of stairs the Knights and 
Siege Weapons will take the stairs up and down.

Great Castles:
Try to build all round towers and thick walls with crenelations. Enclose your keep by 
making a square or circular castle. Do not connect your walls to the river nearby. This
will make it a more difficult castle to manage. If stray enemies break through 100 yards
away it may be difficult to send troops before farms are destroyed. For example, build 
Saladin The Wise's castle. You must watch him once or twice before you can get it on 
your own. It must be exactly like his to work. This castle allows for large amounts 
of gold income as long as there are iron mines, stone, and farmland nearby. This setup
uses strictly Arabic units though, which is a good thing. Send Horse Archers to patrol
in front of enemy castles. They will wipe out lots of enemy archers and mounted siege 
equipment. You can then use a siege tower and put your ground archers in their towers 
and use ballistas to kill the remaining soldiers in the keep. Assassins will then 
finish off the lord. All this depends on steady cover from horse archers. Try catching
enemy castles on fire as much as possible.

Combat ability:
Building gardens, statues, shrines, and dancing bears/maypoles that increase the Fear
Factor will raise all of your troops' Combat ability. For every +1 on Fear Factor, your
troops' Combat ability will increase by 5%. Achieving maximum Fear Factor popularity 
(+5) will give your troops 25% increased combat ability. Click on any troop and notice
that there are green squares above their health bar. There is one green square for 
every +1 popularity on Fear Factor. If you have bad things such as stockades and 
dungeons, your Fear Factor popularity will change to negative integers and your troops'
combat ability will decline, with red squares appearing above their health.

Submitted by: Aneeq

On main menu type sound and you will hear a clunk.then during gameplay type goldness
and you will have 1000 gold

The first priority for any map is defense. If the funds are there, build 15 to 20 
Archers or Crossbowmen (depending on the enemy; the Rat never uses armored troops, 
so archers are good enough) and enough Lookout Towers to house them (five to a tower) 
near resources that would normally be far away from the keep. Use the Gatehouse strategy
or put Pikemen at the bottom of the stairs to protect them. You only need large towers 
for Ballista and Mangonels, and Lookout Towers for Archers (because of range) for castle
defense. Once your castle is well defended enough to remain unattended, build several 
Trebuchets just out of range of enemy Mangonels atop their towers. Send about 10 Archers
and Crossbowmen (again depending on enemy) and 10 swordsmen per Trebuchet as protection.
From here, you can pummel the enemy walls, let them rebuild, and do it again. He will 
send troops to destroy the Trebuchets, but your Archers will pick them off easily. Keep
replenishing the Trebuchets and accompanying soldiers. After a while, he will run out 
of money, troops, and resources. You can then walk in the huge gap in his walls.

When attacking an enemy tower, do destroy it completely. This will allow the enemy to 
rebuild one in the exact same location. To accomplish this, just attack the tower until
it turns to rubble. This will leave a useless structure in a location that cannot 
longer be built on. Also, after a building is destroyed the CPU will attempt to build
another in the same exact location. Simply place a man in the area of the destroyed 
building, and this will prevent that from occurring.

Conversation keys:
The following is a list of things that will be said to an enemy after the
listed key is pressed. Note: The spelling is the same way as it appears
when done in the game.

[F6]Help Help
[F7]I win you loose
[F8]Ill string you up
[F9]You Damn Fool
[F10]Mwahaha (Snort) haha
[Ctrl] + [F1]Jack o napes!
[Ctrl] + [F2]Buffoon
[Ctrl] + [F3]Straw Pole
[Ctrl] + [F4]Slubberdagollian
[Ctrl] + [F5]Dastard
[Ctrl] + [F6]Dolt
[Ctrl] + [F7]Lollard
[Ctrl] + [F8]Dotard
[Ctrl] + [F9]Weasel turd
[Ctrl] + [F10]Popinjay

It is cheaper to buy archer bows and make Archers out of your barracks than it is to
hire them from the mercenary post. They both have the same attack rate, defense rate,
movement speed, and range.

Lookout towers:
Lookout towers are very useful, as they give good missile unit defense. Build an army
of 20 Archers and select 5 of them. Set the game to slow speed and send the 5 archers
to the tower. Quickly select another 5 Archers and send them in before the others get
there. Do the same for the other 10 to get 20 archers on a small tower.

Submitted by: baber

I think in any game,mostly in multiplayer case,build 200-300 horse archers and 40-50 
assassins which are availible in mercenary post.These are enough for defence as well 
as offence.i mostly used them against wolf,richard,saladin and defeat them in 2 minute
or less. Enjoy and pray for me.

Infinite archers in a tower:
If your tower is full, you can just walk the archers to the other side of the tower,
and when they're passing through it hit stop to make them stay in the tower.

Secret Pause Actions:
Open up the Market Trade or Barracks/Mercenary Post, then press "P" to pause the game.
You can purchase units or buy/sell items while the game is paused.

Money, Unlimited Construction, All the Missions:
Submitted by: Ahuizote

When you access the main title, hold CTRL and type "triblade 2002", then you hears 
a sound, and press Alt+A for all the missions (only Crusades), when you want to play
Campaign Mode or Free Mode press Alt+X for 1000 gold and 100 popularity, Alt+K for 
Unlimited Construction (only in Campaign Mode.
Note: You must have the last version of the game to type these cheats.

Unlimited gold and 50 peasants:
Submitted by: edo wanda

Press [shift] on the main menu. During game press backspace and type yes and you
will have unlimited gold and have 50 peasents avalible.

More than one worker:
If you don't have enough resources to make a dpulicate work building then click on 
the one you already have press pause (p) press the "Z" button two times and you have 
two people working on building. Note: this can only happen if you avaiable peasents.

Submitted by: Ariff

when u face strong enemy castle Caliph,Saladin or Wolf....juz make 
200 or more horse achers......and about 40 assasin troops....first take the horse 
achers and surround the enemy castle,the horse achers good at achers and fast than 
others achers,they will clear all the enemy achers.......then take the assassin and 
command them to finish the enemy boss....but careful:-)

Apple farm cheat:
Submitted by: Bryce Johnston

For this cheat you must build an apple farm. Once this is done you click on the farm pause 
(by pressing the p key on the keyboard) click the button that stops the buildings production 
(you will know you pressed the right button when a bunch of z's appear above your farm) 
Then click the same button while in pause and another farmer will appear. This cheat will 
work for multiple farms and is the exact same(meaning the procedure is the exact same) 
Now if you decide to get adventurous, you can try it with other buildings(like cheese farm 
or weapon producing building) But i don't know if it works with anything else:
(. The whole point of this cheat is to increase apple production speed without taking up 
anymore oasis.

Unlimited Gold And 100 Popularity:
Submitted by: Gurvinder

On The Main Menu, Hold Down Ctrl And Type TRIBLADE2002. It Will Look Like Ctlr+triblade2002. 
Now Start Your Game And Press Alt+X While Playing The Game. Your Gold Will Automatically 
Increase And Popularity Will Go To 100 But Only When You Press Alt+X. Have Fun....

Easy wins:
Use the following trick when you are facing strong enemy castle defense, such as with 
Caliph, Saladin, or Wolf. Make 200 or more horse archers and about 40 assassin troops.
Take the Horse Archers and surround the enemy castle. The horse archers are good at 
archers and faster than others archers. They will clear all the enemy archers. Then, 
take the assassins and have them finish the enemy Boss.

Infinite archers in a tower:
If your tower is full, you can just walk the archers to the other side of the tower, and
when they're passing through it hit stop to make them stay in the tower.

Submitted by: master coder

ok so first download cheat engine 5.5 theen open stronghold crusader open cheat engine 
then go to procces and sellect stronghold crusader and see how much money you have put 
that money count in the vallue bar then press new scan then go and buy or sell something 
then put that ammount of monye in the vallue bar end press next scan now there should be 
one address left press it 2 times and and the vallue bar at the address change the vallue 
to 999999 and press again next scan then go back to the game and bam you 999999
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