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Super Text Twist Cheats & Hints

Super Text Twist

Submitted by: David K.

Form words from the letters provided. Find at least one word that uses all
the letters to continue playing. Bonus points are awarded if you find all 
of the words. 

How to Play:
Click on the balls to form a word, then press the ENTER button. If the word
is in the game's dictionary, it will show up on the left side of the game. 
Use the TWIST button when you get stuck to help you see other words. 

Word List:
The word list used by GameHouse was collected from public domain word lists
and supplemental lists created by the GameHouse staff. The lists were combined
and filtered in various automatic ways, including removing words with more than
6 letters or less than 3 letters, removing any words that could not be formed 
from one of the included 6-letter words, and adding conjugated and plural forms
of the words. The resulting list is now periodically reviewed and edited manually
by the GameHouse staff for improved accuracy, and is entirely unique to GameHouse,
Inc. Common American words, including plurals and conjugated forms, are included 
in the word list. This can include alternate spellings (buses or busses), and words
we like. Words under 6 characters may be less common but appear in at least 50% of
American dictionaries. 

Words excluded from the list include archaic words (thou), foreign forms of currency,
proper names, obscenities, slang, 1 or 2-letter words, words with foreign characters,
hyphenated words, foreign words (e.g., siesta), plural forms of color (grays, azules), 
and words we simply don't like.
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