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Supreme Commander Cheats & Hints

Supreme Commander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Use a text editor to edit the "game.prefs" file in the folder: 
"c:\documents and settings\[username]\local settings\application data\gas
powered games\supremecommander\" folder. 

Add the following lines to start of the file: 

debug = {
enable_debug_facilities = true,
cheatenable = 1

Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the 
following codes.

Result                                                       Code
Teleport selected units to pointer location                - Teleport 
Increase your storage capacity for all raw materials by 
10,000 and fills camps completely                          - BlingBling 
Toggle full map                                            - SallyShears
Toggle all units cause no more damage                      - Nodamage  
All units and building on killed with death animations     - KillAll  
All units and building on killed without death animations  - DestroyAll  
Kill unit or building with death animation                 - Kill  
Kill unit or building without death animation              - Destroy  
Show/hides extra information at the left edge of screen    - Show act  
Unit creation menu                                         - PopupCreatUnitMenu 
Take over other player; -1 is spectators.                  - SetFocusArmyPlayer [-1 to 7]   
Change gravity; 4,9 is default.                            - Sim_gravity [number]   
Change the player color                                    - SetArmyColor [name] [r,g,b]   
Damage indicated unit; use negative value to heal it.      - DamageUnit [number]  
Units and buildings are immediately build, research 
immediately completed                                      - ai_freebuild  
Units, buildings, and research do not cost anything        - ai_instabuild  
Give name to selected unit                                 - RenameUnit [name]   
Assign console command to key(s)                           - IN_BindKey [key or combo]   
Shows all key bindings                                     - IN_DumpKeyNames   
Change game speed                                          - WLD_gamespeed [-10 to 10]   
Set game speed to default                                  - WLD_resetsimrate   
Increase game speed by 1                                   - WLD_increasesimrate
Decrease game speed by 1                                   - WLD_decreasesimrate 
Return to main menu                                        - Quit   
Exit to Windows                                            - Exit  

Some codes have alternate shortcut key combinations which can be used during game play, 
without the console window opened, to activate the same cheat function.

Code             Result
ALT + A        - Toggle opponent AI
ALT + F2       - Unit creation menu
CTRL + DELETE  - Kill unit or building with death animation
CTRL + ALT + B - Max out your resources, increase Mass/Energy capacity by 10,000
CTRL+[K]       - Kill Selected Unit
ALT+[T]        - Teleport Selected Unit
CTRL+SHIFT+[C] - Copy Unit/Structure 
CTRL+SHIFT+[V] - Paste Unit/Structure 
ALT + N        - Toggle Damage. Makes all units in the game invulnerable, including 
                 your enemy's
Ctrl+ Alt + Z  - Toggle full map

Submitted by: Pyrosomniac

Mass Exploit - PATCHED

Involves a T2 Sheild.
Involves pausing the game.
Involves building more than one extractor over a single mass point.

Aeon Commander Exploit - PATCHED
Choose to upgrade any part of the ACU. Pause the upgrade. Sacrifice any tech level 
Aeon engineer. Make sure it has been fully sacrificed and click continue. You will 
now get that upgrade you chose for free.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Exploit - UNPATCHED
Open up the task manager during a game when about to lose. Select "end task" on supreme
commander and then GPGnet immediately. This must be done BEFORE you are defeated. When 
GPG is reloaded the game should not give you a win. The game will however fail to report
a tie, loss or a disconnect. May not always work as specified.

Transport ACU Exploit - PATCHED
Use a transport upgrade on the ACU. Select the ACU to teleport off the map. The ACU is
then idestructable. ACU may malfunction off the edge of the map but may not be harmed.

Invincible Cybran Commander Exploit - UNPATCHED (Unknown)
Involves Cybran ACU Involves Stealth upgrade. The Commander can then no longer be targeted
as if it were off the map. It is also stuck in position as if it were upgrading however.
It can perform orders from that position like reclaim, build and shoot.
The ACU can be damaged by splash damage and nukes.

Remove Fog Of War Korean Exploit - UNPATCHED (Unknown)
Involves a particular command.
This exploit is said to only work on particular PCs and/or the Korean 
version of Supreme Commander.
It allows you to see everything your opponent does and respond in turn. 
No other requirements.

Off The Map Exploit - UNPATCHED
Send units towards the wall, then place another move towards the enemy base.
Units may be hidden in the corner by telling them to move as close as it will
possibly allow. The unit may then not be targeted. This works with most units,
but often still ends up getting shot by AA. It is difficult to do this with a 
comander sometimes but it can be done. This strategy seems only useful for 
annoying the opponent and prolonging inevitable death.

Disappearing Airforce:
This is a great strategy that uses Cybran stealth. Remember that only the 
Cybrans can do this! First comes transporting units. When using a skyhook or the 
tier 2 ver. of it, load a active mobile stealth system to it and you can fly the 
skyhook around without being seen for the most part. 
Next is making the enemy air transports disappear. Chances are that the enemy will
set a course for the transport and then pay attention to other things. Have a fleet
of tier 3 stealth interceptors use stealth mode while patrolling the map. The enemy 
probably wont notice where his transports have disappeared to.

Structure/Unit generator:
Start a Skirmish mode battle with cheats set to "on". Press [Alt] + [F2] during 
game play to display a menu that allows you to select and create free structures 
and units instantly where the view is currently aimed.

Starting a new base:
When starting a new base, concentrate on resources mostly Mass not Energy. Energy 
can be created easily, as advanced engineers do this job well. Build at least six 
Tech 3 Mass fabricators quicker to build and provide more mass then extractors. 
This should ensure you have enough Mass and at least four Tech 3 Fusion generators
to create enough power.

Offense Hints:
1.Air units 30+ (mostly bombers) are best against ACU or Commanders.
2.Try to use ranged weapons against enemy defenses outside their range. This should
  ensure your attacking units are covered.
3.Build two Tech 3 strategic missile launchers (Nuke Silos), then put them on auto 
  build. Launch two nukes at a time by selecting both silos, as the enemy will build
  one anti-nuke defense. This will guarantee a hit.

Defense Hints:
1.Concentrate on defenses as the enemy uses quick attacks. First, build five Tech 1 
  defenses at entry points to your base to protect from flanks. Build Tech 2 and 3 
  level defenses later. 
2.UEF has the best shield generators only second to Aeon.
3.Cybran defenses are tracking capable and fill follow its target till destroyed, 
  unlike UEF or Aeon defenses. 
3.When building Tech 3 Structures use about 20 engineers and your ACU to build it 
  quicker. Note: When building Tech 3 structures your Mass and Energy will depleted
  very quickly. Keep an eye on the resources.
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