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Supreme Ruler 2020 Cheats & Hints

Supreme Ruler 2020

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [CONTROL]+[SHIFT]+S to bring up the console. Click the window 
and type "cheat allowcheats". Click the window and enter the following
cheats for the desired effect:

Code                Effect
cheat finalexam   - Raise tech level one year. 
                    (You can repeat this indefinitely)
cheat satellite   - Instant satellite ready for launch.
cheat georgew     - Add 10000 dollars.
cheat endday      - Days fly by, enter "cheat endday" again to stop.
cheat finalexam   - Add one tech-year.
cheat onedaybuild - Units queued after the cheat take a day to build.

Raise Tech:
Press [CRTL]+[SHIFT]+S to bring up the console. Click the window and type 
'cheat allowcheats'. Click the window and enter 'cheat finalexam' to raise
tech level one year. You can repeat this indefinitely. 

Starting capital:
If you do not play immediately for the rich country, then you will begin 
with the very not large budget. To raise it is possible simply. If you are
the certainly most backward country - that you always can sell technology 
and design of combat units. Taking into account that the fact that the 
design of ones is different, then almost for any country it is possible 
to sell its. However, I played for Moldavia and during the first days 
paid off entire foreign debt and was obtained sufficiently money for the
building of all necessary production units, well so pair of billions still

Technology Trading:
Well, up until Patch v6.3.2, there is a bug that still hasn't been fixed 
from v5.0.0.1 which has to do with technology trading with other nations.
Diplomacy is still far from adequate, and there is a feature you can 
exploit, especially when it comes to trading technologies involving naval
ships, submarines and some missile technologies. Apparently, naval ships,
submarines and some missiles have no value whatsoever in diplomacy. Thus,
you can negotiate those technologies with the minimal offering possible...
as long as it's in monetary value (i.e. money). Offering other products 
(such as similar technologies, agriculture products, etc.) will prompt the
AI to re-negotiate the deal, with the standard reply of adding a $100,00.00
price tag upon the original proposition. Thus, even if the other nation has
about $1,000,000.00 or more, in worth of naval shipping technologies, you 
can have it for a mere $214 (or the lowest price you can get that slider 
to go). 
Note, that this also applies to missile technologies as long as they don't
have nuclear capabilities (indicated by a radioactive sign beside the 
missile item).

Submitted by: tito 

for the first editions of this game there s a bug that u can exploit to have a 
lot lot lot lot ... of money. This bug is concerning save and load game;

1.Save the game in name "1" (u can choose another one but here for explication)
2.Save again the current game under the name "2"
3.load "1" --->u will notice that the buget growed also reserves of food,water..
  (so it s better that u buy a small quantity of each ressouces and stock them 
  in order to grow them) the current game into "2" then save it into "1"
5.load "2" reserves and money are up into "1" then into "2"
7.load "1" same result
*if u are at war it s probably to see ur enemy falling ones u load next time.
*Invest in electricity
*this cheat does not work for patch .6
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