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Swarm Assault Cheats & Hints

Swarm Assault

Unit Production:
As you progress to the harder levels you will find that the usefulness
of some units will change and you will have to change your tactics. For 
example the easier levels give you time to build the more powerful units. 
The harder levels however give you a lot less time, in which case it is 
sometimes better to produce large amounts of weaker units for defense or 

Team Color:
Have a look at the color you are playing and try to control colonies that 
this team color specializes in. For example if you are playing the green 
team you would try to gain control of Ant colonies since you could produce 
ant units faster than any other team giving you a strategic advantage. In 
extreme cases it may even be desirable to loose some or all your colonies 
to gain control of a colony type that you can specialize in. This also 
applies to enemy teams. No team specializes in scorpion production.

Note that to win you must be the only team color with any units and/or 
colonies and there must be no neutral colonies. There may be neutral 
units but you don't have to destroy them to win. This win condition must 
be held for about five seconds for the win to be recognized by the computer. 
Losing colonies after this does not prevent you from maintaining your win.

Colony Defense:
It is always a good idea to charge a base to a reasonable amount of health 
when it is low. To do this, make sure you are not producing any units (by 
clicking the same bug you are producing, if any), and it will automatically 
regenerate. If you take over a colony, make sure you charge it to at least 
yellow before producing units. BUT! Only do this if you are not needing units 
extremely fast. At low health, it is very easy for a colony to be taken over. 
And even if there arenít any enemies around, there are still neutrals that 
fly around that can damage your colony. Also, check back at old colonies 
occasionally to make sure they are at decent health. Whenever you are not 
in need of units, charge your bases.
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