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Swat 4 Cheats & Hints

Swat 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Open up "Swat4.ini" and go down to the title "[Engine.GameEngine]". Change 
"EnableDevTools=False" to "EnableDevTools=True". Now, during the gameplay, 
just type the ~ button next to 1 key, and the command console will appear 
and type these in. You must enter every code at the beginning of every mission.
E.G if you enter god in one mission, in the next mission you will become 
Vulnerable again and therefore, must enter the cheat again.

Enter the following codes to activate function. 

Effect                                  Code
3rd Person Camera                     - behindview 1
Back To First person                  - behindview 0
Change Map                            - open "mapname"
God mode (You are Invincible)         - God
You are invisible                     - invisible 1
You can fly                           - Fly
You can fly, even through walls       - Ghost
Disable ghost cheat                   - Walk
Sets the gravity by the number choose - Gravity (####)

Unlimited health:
Use a text editor to edit the "Swatgame.ini" file in the "content\system\" 
folder in the game folder. Locate the following lines: 


Change the value for the desired difficulty setting to "0.0". 

Extra ammunition:
Use a text editor to edit the "swatequipment.ini" file in the "content\system\" 
folder in the game folder. Locate the "MagazineSize=" line under the heading for
the weapon you want to change. Change its value to one million or more. 
Note: Do not change the "MagazineSize=" value under weapons that are prefixed 
with "BadGuy", as this will give your enemies extra ammunition.

Prevent enemies from opening doors: 
Stand direction in front of doors while an enemy is on the other side. This will
prevent them from opening the doors. You can hear them complaining about the doors
being locked.

Hack: Ammo Cheat:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Note: Make a back up of the file being edited, or you may have to reinstall the 

Ammo Limit Chage:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Go into "SwatEquipment.ini" in your Swat directory. Then, go down to the weapons. 
Go to where it says "MagazineSize=(Number)". Set the number to a million or two, 
to get much ammo. This doesen't work on the Macineguns, only on Shotguns, Pistols,
and the Tazer. 

Change, add, or remove ammo types:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Let's say you want to add more ammo-types to the Colt Carbine M4A1. Go down to the
place where it says "PlayerAmmoOption=SwatAmmo.M4A1MG_JHP". Press enter, and add a
new ammo option, for example "PlayerAmmoOption=SwatAmmo.AK47MG_FMJ". 

Make weapons stronger:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Go down to the places where it says "OverrideArmDamageModifier=(Number)", or 
something like that. Change the number to something like "99". Then, your gun will
most probably kill a human, even if you hit him in the arm. 

Make more fire modes:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Go down to where it says "AvailableFireMode=FireMode_Auto". This means that this 
weapon can shoot automatic. Now, copy and paste it, and change "Auto" to "Single", 
"Burst", and "Semi". Then, you can shoot 1 single shot at a time, burst-shots, and 

Change Burst-Shots fire-rate:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Go down to where it says "BurstRateFactor=(Number)", and change the number to "4" 
or something. Just make sure it is higher than the current value. 

Change shots fired per burst:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

Go down to where it says "BurstShotCount=(Number)", and change the Number to the 
number of bullets you want to be shot (Like 3 shots, 10 shots, etc). 

Range increase:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

If you want to change how far your bullets shall fly, change "Range=(Number)" to 
something over "4000". 

Change accuracy:
Submitted by Diablodoc, Luis G.

To set the accuracy of your weapon more secure, use the "WalkingAimError=(Number)". 
It means how bad accuracy u should have. If you change the number to "0", you should 
have perfect accuracy. NOTE: As you see this is "WALKINGAimError", which means that 
this only is for the walking. You must Change "StandingAimError=" to "0", for having 
perfect accuracy/aim when you stand, and the others too. The "Penalties", under 
"Instaneus penalties" must all be set to "0", except for one. 
The "LookAimErrorPenaltyFactor=(Number)" must NOT be changed to "0". 
This should be "0.000125". I think that if you change this to "0", it will cause a bug. 

Developer Tips:
The optiwand is a critical tool. If you do not plan to carry a wand, it is a good idea to
make sure more than one AI officer is carrying an optiwand in case one with the wand is
incapacitated during a mission. It is a good idea to optiwand around blind corners. 
Your AI officers can also be ordered to optiwand around most corners. Increasing the 
difficulty will also increase the morale of suspects and civilians. Civilians or suspects
who are not compliant at first can be made to comply using non lethal weapons such as the
less-lethal shotgun, taser, or grenades. An effective way to make suspects and civilians
comply is to shoot them with a lethal weapon in a non-lethal area such as in the leg or
the arm. However, you will achieve higher scores for not injuring civilians or suspects.
Any suspects caught behind a door that is being blown by C2 will be momentarily stunned.

Crouching, moving slowly, and firing in short bursts keeps the targeting reticule tight
and will make your shots more accurate.

To use the cheats while playing, press you need to edit the file
"SWAT4/Content/System/swat4.ini". First, make a backup, then open it with
Notepad, scroll down to the "[Engine.GameEngine]" section, and change the
following line:


Save the changes and start the game. Press [~] while playing the game to bring
up the console, and then enter one of the following codes:

behindview 1 - 3rd person view
behindview 0 - 1st person View
god          - God mode
walk         - Walk mode
ghost        - No clipping mode
SetJump #    - Set jump height to #
SetGravity # - Change gravity to #
open         - Change the map (see the list below)

Map names
Use the following map names with "open" command:


Submitted by: -Naveen.N.R 

If you are stuck in any mission and want to jump over to the next play using quick
mission maker and select campaign settings for suspects,civilians etc. All the 
misssions are available.

Virtually Unlimited Ammo for Weapons:
Open "SWATEQUIPMENT.INI" located in your SWAT 4 system folder (\Sierra\SWAT 4\System)
with any text editor (notepad, wordpad) and find this string:

In any of these weapons:
- Benelli M90
- Benelli Nova
- Breaching Shotgun
- Less-Lethal Shotgun
- Pepper Gun (CS Ball Launcher)
- Taser Stun Gun

By editing/changing the value (number, xxxx) to a million or two you should have 
virtually unlimited ammo for your preferred weapon. For example, if you change:


In Benelli M90 Shotgun section with:


You'll have Benelli M90 Shotgun (if selected as an equipment) with 1000000 ammo. The
team members will also have the same effect if they have Benelli M90 Shotgun as their
primary weapon.

There are some notice I want you should be care about:

1.Please don't get confused between RoundBasedWeapon and ClipBasedWeapon. Put the
  string "MagazineSize=1000000" in Heckler & Koch MP5 or M4 Carbine will give you 
  no result since all machine guns, sub-machine guns and pistols (except for Taser
  Stun Gun) are "identified" as ClipBasedWeapon. I don't have any idea about changing 
  the ammo value for these guns.
2.Watch the string "BadGuy" in every weapon section, usually in the middle of the
  document (SWATEQUIPMENT.INI) since putting the string "MagazineSize=1000000" in 
  these sections will result the suspects get the same ammount of ammo just like 
  The common example are ; Benelli M90 compared with ; BadGuy Benelli M90.

roe for swat 4:
Submitted by: censored

this is atip on the roe(rule of engagement)for swat 4.
you see most of the people who play swat 4 have no idea about the roe,so im here to help

*if a suspect is aiming(AIMING)a gun at you or at a hostage or a fellow officer then he 
has broken the roe and you are free to pump him with bullets.
warning:if he is not aiming the gun and has it lowered then you cant shoot him without 
losing points

*you are free to kill suspects with a sniper without losing points

*if a suspect has shot a bullet,then,in theory that bullet could be meant for you you,a 
hostage,or a fellow pump him whn you hear shots

*you might want to use non lethal weopans like the tazer pepper gun and less lethal gun.
this way you can shoot them then call for compliance wich is ussaly given this way.

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