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Syndicate Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Use the following as company name, you will have special cheat:

Company name      Effect
ROB A BANK      - $100,000,000
NUK THEM        - Attack any country
TO THE TOP      - $100,000,000 and attack any country
COOPER TEAM     - Same as TO THE TOP and with full weapon
WATCH THE CLOCK - Speed up research time
DO IT AGAIN     - Repeat mission with previously obtained items

Easy money:
To get the most cash return from each pistol, select the Gauss Gun as 
the item on the equipment list. This allows $50,000 to be obtained per 
pistol. In order for the Gauss Gun to appear on the equipment list, it
must first be researched under the Heavy category. 

Submitted by: Vlad

A lot of money.
In your savegame (?.GAM)

00000014  22
00000015  22
00000016  22
00000017  22

Submitted by: Vlad

Note: for Syndicate (Am.Rev. or Plus)

A lot of money.
W-A-R-N-I-N-G - I've found it a long time ago, so I'am not sure what 
part this HEX is for /American Revolt or Synd Plus/


00000018  22
00000019  22
0000001A  22
0000001B  22

Submitted by: Enigma Question 

Use the folowing name for your company:

DO IT AGAIN  -  If you press CTRL+C during a mission, you will finish it
Note: this cheat was in the Syndicate Plus list, but you can do it in the 
normal version as well.

Mission select:
Simply click on any country and press [Enter].

Recommended start:
Start a new game and following these steps.

* Buy the Persuadatron and a Pistol, then deselect the other three agents so 
  that you only have one. 
* Buy Legs, Arms, Chest, and Eyes V1 then complete level 1 (Western Europe). 
* Research Assault and complete level 2 (Scandinavia). After Assault is done,
  buy the Flamer. It is one of the best backup weapons. 
* Complete level 3 (Central Europe). Buy Brain and Heart V1. Wait for Day 0 
  after 23 to get extra money by waiting. 
* Complete level 4 or (Eastern Europe) and research Uzi and Assault which is
  long range by waiting until day 23. Then, complete level 5 (Urals) and 
  research Automatic which is the mini-gun. 
* Alternately, you can wait until the minigun is finished researching by 
  waiting every 23 days (game time) then complete level 6 (Siberia) and 
  complete level 7 (Mongolia). Then complete other levels while researching
  Legs, Arms, Eyes and Chest V2. 
* The best way to win a level is to have one agent. Equip him with all V3 
  parts (Legs, Arms, etc.) and have one Persuadatron, five lasers, one mini-
  gun, and a flamer. If you see a smoke trail heading your way it is a Gauss 
  gun, Run away from it and engage the enemy agent who has that gauss gun. 
  Stay away from enemy lasers. They very annoying and can make you fail a 
  mission if you die. If you see a white diamond shape on you, you have been
  hit by a laser. Try to engage him first with your laser. Stand directly up
  to a wall using a flamer. The flamer will fire through the wall. This is 
  very useful if you do not want to engage the enemy. The shield belt stops 
  all agents on the maps until you deactivate it. This should give you enough
  time to complete your objectives.

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