- Tass Times in Tonetown Game Cheats and Hints

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Tass Times in Tonetown Cheats & Hints

Tass Times in Tonetown

Part 1:

On Getting There and Getting Tass. 
Quote the bard: "You're so square (baby I don't care)." 

Gramps is missing. His bed hasn't been slept in for several days. 
This man may have the brains of Dr. Who, but he is, nonetheless, 
in trouble. 

Start your rescue mission by going south into the kitchen, 
then check out the cookie jar. Take the key and go back north 
then west. From that hallway, you could go south into the 
bedroom but you'll gain nothing. Instead, unlock the hallway 
door, enter the lab and drop the key. Examine the fish bowl and 
take the guitar picks. Pick up gramps's book then go east. 
Turn on the generator power by throwing the switch, then enter 
the hoop. Welcome to Tonetown! 

You're at a construction site with a trench leading north. 
Follow alongside the trench north then enter the trench. 
You'll find an oddly silvered jar, which you should keep, 
then leave the construction area by going east. 

You may have noticed someone following you and muttering 
(well, snarling actually) about what a stupid tourist you are. 
That's the villain, Franklin J. Snarl, and right now you're as 
conspicuous to him as Ronald Reagan at a Star Trek convention. 
It's important for you to blend in with the local population 
fast, and that means getting tass. "Tass" is what the ancients 
used to call "hip." 

Go south then east into Chaz's Boutique. Look in the dyeorama, 
and realize (if you've done some exploring) that "feather foils" 
are all the rage; shell out 10 picks (the local form of barter) 
for your pink mohawk. Go east to the clothing section and purchase 
the Troppowear jumpsuit along with a hooplet (if you check out the 
tabloid which accompanies the game, you'll discover that Slippy 
Shirts are stockpiling faster than Adam computers; ignore them). 
Don't forget to WEAR your items before leaving. No dressing rooms; 
if you want to be tass you just have to show your "***". 

Quote the bard: "Ennio Way You Want Me (that's how I will be)." 
With your tass new look, there's a job waiting for you at the 
newspaper office. Go south from the boutique until you've reached 
the Tonetown Times. The newspaper for sale in front of the building 
is the same newspaper which accompanies the game. Enter the 
building and address the editor by name, Nuyu. (Nuyu's name can be 
found in the opening titles for the game as well as the enclosed 
Tonetown Times). Based on your good looks, you'll be given a 
camera and an assignment. Go east to Ennio's office and turn on 
the printer and terminal. Follow the instructions to obtain a 
press pass. Go west then north to leave the building. 
Leave the jar here then go north four times until you reach the 
rock concert. At the concert, talk to the woman whose name turns 
out to be Stelgad. Show her your press pass, and you'll be 
escorted back stage to meet the Daglets. First, be sure to take 
a group picture, then you'll have a few minutes for an interview. 
They're excited about their new instruments called Zagtones. Go 
ahead -- try to take one, and they'll find an extra for you to 
keep. Make careful note of what they say about their recent 
cancellation at the Tower. When intermission is over, go south 
again four times back to Nuyu. Give him the photo and he'll send 
you on your main mission: find Gramps. Remember what he says about 
Ennio and Snarl.

Alternative ending:
Typing "Burger" results in a funny message and player death. The 
message relates to the annoyance displayed by a particular manager
at Interplay on hearing the word said over and over again. 
This was an Easter Egg that "Burger" Becky added to games on which
she worked.
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