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Test Drive 6 Cheats & Hints

Test Drive 6

Submitted by: jayakrishnan

To stop bomber mode you have to catch all speeders on the 5 tracks.
If it is difficult to you, you do this simple hexedit work.
Open the save file from 'Playerdata' folder in the game folder.
You can create 8 players in this game.If you the frist one then open PD6.pm0
file in any hexediter.If you are second then open PD6.pm1.
Look at the 00000DC0 offset
if you did't catch anyone then line will be like this
00000DC0 : 0000 0000 0000 0000 2B00 0000 0000 0000
00000DD0 : 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
change that into this
00000DC0 : 0000 0000 0000 0000 2B05 0505 0505 0505
00000DD0 : 0505 0505 0505 0505 0505 0505 0004 0400
Play the game.Then you can see the bomber mode is gone

How To Get Money Without Playing:
Submitted by: sravan

Before starting the game , click on test drive 6, then a window 
comes,go to settings and click time demo and play challenges 

Submitted by: black dragon

For fast money in the low class get the mustanglx the top engine 
and set all the settings back 3 spaces also get the first tire 
upgrade and it wont ever lose!

Stop The Bomber mode:
Catch all the speeders on the Paris, Rome, New York, 
Hong Kong and London tracks in cop chase mode. 

Stay on track:
When you are going around a sharp corner at high speeds, you will 
often go off of the track and lose speed and risk of losing your 
place in the race. To prevent this, simply let off the gas completely 
at the middle of the corner until you start to skid. Do not panic. 
When you start to skid, accelerate again and you should regain 
control. Straighten yourself out and you can get to your top speed 
faster than if maintained the same speed throughout the entire turn. 

Honda Bike:
Enter your name as "Honda XR" to drive the Honda Bike 
during the game.

Get Money:
Enter your name as "AKJGQ" to get lots of cash

In Cop Chase mode, drive alongside opponents and sideswipe 
them to maximize damage. 

Several of the tracks branch; learn which ones offer legitimate 
shortcuts and give you a jump on the competition. 

Don't forget to upgrade your tires in the Garage-it's cheap 
and increases your performance. 

The Impreza accelerates like a bat out of hell, but starts 
to waver in the top gears. 

Hitting the Space Bar and steering sharply to the left or right 
executes a powerslide-perfect for those tight turns. 

If boredom sets in, check out the obnoxious Fear Factory music 
video in the Options screen. 

Enter your name as one of the following to activate 
cheat functions:

Code      Result 
AKJGQ   - $6 Million 
DFGY    - All Cars 
ERDRTH  - All Tracks 
CVCVBM  - All Quick Race Tracks 
OCVCVBM - No Quick Race Tracks 
QTFHYF  - Shorter Tracks 
OPIOP   - All Challenges 
OPOIOP  - No Challenges 
FFOEMIT - Disable Checkpoint Times 
NOEMIT  -  Enable Checkpoint Times 
RFGTR   - Stop The Bomber Mode

Submitted by: varun jn

if you are angry with bomber mode 
then complete the cop chase then play the game, you will see there
the bomber mode is gone .

how to get money without playing:
Submitted by:CH.Sravan

before starting the game, open the test drive6 folder open test drive6 , 
then a window apears before pressing OK , go to testing and click on 
time demo(a tick mark)then press OK. play with any person's name. 
Go to challenges and play the 1,then 2,3,4,5,6. remember you don't 
have to play it because the computer plays it but you will get the money.
I got this by trying and Iam studying in 7th class, I got this cheat of 
my own. So you all also try to find new cheats and send them. all over 
the world will see your name.

Submitted by: Subal Saini

In this game play with the full traffic ON.When any other racer tries to 
overtake your car and if there is a car in front of you then blow the horn, 
the car in front of you will turn to one side and may come in your opponent's 
way and he will crash and you will go ahead. Have Fun.

Submitted by: vaibhav

After upgrading ur car buy the upgrades again.It will cost no money to you but 
it will increase the selling price of ur car.

To turn easily on tight turns:
Submitted by: Suvil Sipain

Upgrade your car to a level 4 engine,tire,brakes&suspension. 
Make sure if you are racing on a bumpy road like rome make your suspension 
adjustment to soft. Bring your car to high speed and on the turn just press 
the key in the direction you want to turn. The car will turn easily.

Class 3 car:
Get the Mustang (for $31,000) from Class 1. Upgrade the wheels to level 4, then 
go into race mode. Keep on doing that and upgrade all items to level 4. Sell it, 
get a new car, and Class 3 should now be unlocked. 

Class 4 cars:
In Class 4, the best car is the Nissan R390 Gt-1.

On every Class 4 car, you should add two steering upgrades. On every one below 
it, add at least one.

Easy money:
Select "Play" at the auto load menu. When the Test Drive 6 properties window 
opens, click on the "Testing" tab, then go down and check the "Time Demo" box. 
Start the game and choose to do a single race, tournament race, or challenge. 
When you choose the race, the CPU will automatically start and show intermission 
with all Fords then when a race is done. Ignore the blue screen that appears 
with your computer's information. It will then say that you won the race. 
Note: You will not always finish first, but this is an easy way to get money.

Best car in class 4:
Submitted by: Ivor

Contrary to popular belief, the Toyota GT-One is not the fastest car in the game. 
It's the best, but not the fastest. The fastest is the TVR Speed 12. However, it's 
also got the worst steering and is the hardest car to drive. If you have been playing 
TD6 for some time, try the TVR Speed 12. It kicks ass, especially with upgrades.
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