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Team 47 Goman Cheats & Hints

Team 47 Goman

- Secret Codes: -
During gameplay, secret codes may be entered with the keyboard. All of the
secret codes are activated by having the user hold down the (~) or F6 keys
and then type one of the following codes.
The (~) or F6 key acts as a "shift" key for entering codes, and it must be
kept held down while you slowly type in the code. The code will be entered
into gameplay once you release the (~) or F6 key.

 ~POWER           Turns off Monster AI
 ~OWQUITIT        Stops spores from targeting robot
 ~YOUPYRO         User can play as monster for current level
 ~YOUTWIT         Play as robot (used after ~YOUPYRO)
 ~WIPEOUT         Kills current monster
 ~TRIPWIRE        Kills current robot
 ~POWERUP         Gives monster full energy
 ~POWERTIE        Gives robot full energy
 ~TYPEWRITER      Prints framerate to screen

- Windows95 Run Command Line Parameters: -

To use these options, you need to install GoMan then use the Win95 "run"
command and enter in these numbers with a space after the EXE. Click on the
Windows95 "Start" button, then click on "Run", then "Browse" to the
directory that you installed GoMan in, choose the GOMAN.EXE & choose
"Open". Type a space after the GOMAN.EXE portion and then type in your
desired combination of the 6 numbers.

Example: GOMAN.EXE 124411 (this would choose level 1, 640 mode, full
screen, detail on high, andfancy type transparency)

The following are explanations for each of the 6 numbers:

1st: chooses the level.

Number can be 0-6 for regular version, must be 1 for shareware version.

2nd: chooses the video mode.

1= 320 x 240 x 8 bit mode

2= 640 x 480 x 16 bit mode

7= 512 x 384 x 16 bit mode

3rd: chooses window size

1= small
2= medium
3= letter box
4= full screen

4th: chooses detail level

1= lowest ; smallest land, color key only
2= low ; small land, color key only
3= medium ; regular land, color key only
4= high ; larger land, alpha transparency, perspective correction
5= highest ; largest land, alpha transparency, perspective correction,
lighting, bi-linear filtering

* 4 & 5 are primarily for D3D cards.

5th: not in use

This not in use, but it must must set to 1 if you want to use the 6th

6th: chooses transparency & translucency type

0 = color key only
1 = Fancy type
2 = semi-fancy type*
3 = translucent type
4 = normal type
5 = alternative type transparency**

*(This one will improve quality on ATI Rage II, 3D Labs Permedia/2& Cirrus
5465   Laguna chips)
**( This one will allow for GoMan transparency to work on the Cirrus Laguna
"64" chip)
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