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Ten Pin Alley Cheats & Hints

Ten Pin Alley

Anime Character:
For a hidden anime character (human only), enter FEIF in 
slot 3, DEI in slot 5 and gdbg in slot 6.

Bonus Items on the CD:
Put the Ten Pin Alley CD into a PC or Macintosh and look in 
the BONUS directory for a few fun items.

Bowling Pin Man:
For a character made of bowling pins, enter the name Vector in 
slot 1 and Pins in slot 2.

Crowd Control:
For happy spectators, enter Happy1 in slot 5. For a rowdier 
crowd, enter Downers in slot 4.

Disable Codes:
To turn off any codes you've enabled, enter the name 'Reset' 
in character position 1 then start a game.

Duplicate Bowler:
To save a copy of your bowler, hold L or R while savig.

Flashy Lanes:
Enter the name 'Refract' in player slot #4 (character type 
doesn't matter) and start a game. Watch the lanes!

Grayscale Mode:
For a grayscale game, enter 1950s I slot 5 and TV in slot 6.

Harder Game:
For a real challenge, enter CPU300 in slot 4. In this mode 
the computer will always get perfect shots.

Ichabod Crane's Revenge:
In character slots #4 and #5, put in the names 'Ichabod' 
and 'Crane' and start a game.

No Meter Accuracy:
To ignore the accuracy meter, enter Icant in slot 1, Play in 
slot 2, and Legally in slot 3.

Options Plus Menu:
The game keeps track of how many times the options screen is 
displayed. An options plus menu will appear in its place after 
the normal options menu is displayed a large number of times 
(over 100 cumulatively.)

Shadow Mode:
To add shadows to the game enter the name Vorlons in slot 3.

Spinning Character:
Enter 3DWait as the name of a character in slot 5. Start a 
game, move that character from left to right, then wait a 
minute without pressing any more buttons
Spinning Screen:
For a spinning screen, enter Babyln5 in slot 3 and Spinmde 
in slot 4.

Translucent Bowling Balls:
For glass-like bowling balls, enter Glass in slot 1 and Balls 
in slot 4.

Wireframe Characters:
For wireframe characters, enter the name 'Vectrex' I slot 1 
and 'Mode1' in slot 2. For more detail, enter the name 'Vectrex' 
in slot 1 and 'Mode2' in
slot 3.
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