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Territory War Online Cheats & Hints

Territory War Online

Submitted by: RM

To teleport you must be in the island. Next you make someone go into a hole all
the way agenst the left of the hole. The hole is to the right. Throw a grenade 
nere youselve. You teleport. You can also do this with grenades.

Instent k.o.:
To instent ko you must be in the junkyard. Go to the left up the stairs and on 
to the third red platform. Go right and jump over the hole. Then go past the 
stone to the hole before the levatating platform. Fall off and you die.

More weapons:
You can get more weapons but you have to get a gold afro ninja face at the 
challenges the guns are a lazer gun thats a 1 hit kill the other one is a grenade
that almost blows the entire field up and if you woundring how do i know i got 
the new guns ok this dude is lying you would have 2 make a bot 2 do it so.

The Pit's Special feature:
Go to "The pit" for a fight and it is possible to stand on the spikes. This is 
very useful to dodge a few attacks and can save your life if someone doesn't 
know about this feature and attempts to kick you off the floating rocks. You 
can land on a spike and make a comeback However be careful not to fall off or
you are most likely SCREWED because there are millions of INSTA - PWN holes 
around teh spikes.

To control your oponets people:
Submitted by: zachary

Press [Shift] and move the arrow keys while it is your opponets turn. 1-8 
you can open weapons to kill it self.

Put wall/platform on the other side of the field:
Submitted by: isaac

Look at the bottem right hand corner of the computer screen. Look at the time. 
Next look up less than half an inch at the 100% sign with the magnifine glass 
with a + in it. Next click on the little black down arrow and put it on 400% then 
get out a wall or platform scroll left until you can either see black or the enemy 
players click on the black or where the enemy players are then you will be able to 
see their part of the field then get out a platform or a wall and put it where ever 

Attack at begging of the match:
If you want to attack at the begging, all you have to do is throw a gernade at the
opponet. Wait till it is at MAX, and throw! It will most likely hit the person you
are facing against.

Fire through a wall:
Submitted by: man

Stand as close as you possibly can to a wall. Then get your gun out and fire it at
the opponent.

Island 2:
Submitted by: YadaT.W.Omaster

On the Island 2, Go to the first long platform you see (you have to be on the left 
side) and shoot a rocket louncher, this will kill your opponent real fats.

Tips by Zulrak!:
Submitted by: Zulrak
-=Island 2=-
If you go as high as can on blue team and put a regular grenade (NOT the ground one)
high=27 and throw 80% max It will kick 2 guys off the map!

* If you are on the blue team and you got to the bottom hole (the shooting hole) and
  take out bazooka and aim -5 and shoot you will hit the wagon.
* If you are on the blue team and get to the blue flag ontop of you're castle and 
  take a grenade,and aim 39 then 98% max nd throw it'll bounce on the wagon thing 
  and go in the hole. If you do it when you start it'll do about 15% more damage.

* Go to the middle of map at the tower,jump on the first collum then take out a 
  grenade and aim 3 and through. It will hit the ground and if you do it 2 times 
  it'll make it so the guy will die if he acsisdently moves into it..

-=The Pit=-
Go to the middle spike then take out a grenade, through it -14 and trough then....
*tick..tick..tick* BOOMSKEH!!! big explosion killing 1 guy by the face and half 
damaging to other guys.

Rocket shot and grenade throw:
Submitted by: Sprnova77

* If on the red team at the Island 2. Just Get on the peak of the rock then aim 
  straight then shoot and you'll kill one person.

* If on same team and same place go over the rock and move foward 2 ft. and aim 
  grenade as much high as can then shoot it about 90% and you'll kill 1 person.

If you are in the castle in the right side if you go all the way up and go down the 
ledge (not where u fall down but a little back) and u take out a bomb(the one that 
bounces) and aim left at angle 42 with a little less than max power it should go in
the hole in the opposte side and hit the other player.

Brick Shot:
Okay do you ever have a problem with your enemys putting brick walls in front of 
you. Well im gonna show you how to shoot through them. Okay all you need to do is
get to the brick wall as close as you can,and then you pull out your sniper,and 
aim for the enimie,and shoot you'll hit him,and still do the damage you do when 
you hit them in the head.

New Weapons:
There are two new weapons in Territory WAR Online.They are called the Laser, and 
the grenade launcher.Im gonna tell you how to get them.First you need to go offline.
Second you have to get a blue afro in all the missions.After you do that you have 
to submit your scores to the AR,and after that you get your new weapons in about 
2 days.

Volcano tips:
Submitted by: blak

If your on the side with the spikey rocks try to get your opponet to waste all 
their missles, build a wall after your SURE all their missles are gone its almost
impossible for anyone outside of your wall to throw a gernade over the wall (make
sure its not placed so people can pick axe it)

Secret tunnel of the castle but long to make: 
Submitted by: percy jackson

Go to the hole in castle mode(near the enterance of the right team).then block
it so no one can come inside your tunnel.use pick axe to dig and make a tunnel.
you can easily guard it, as it is a straight tunnel, so you can use rocket for 

Bonus weapons:
Play offline. Get a blue afro in all the missions. Submit your scores and you will 
eventually receive the laser and grenade launcher.
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