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The Bard's Tale (2005) Cheats & Hints

The Bard's Tale (2005)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Hold [Shift] and press one of the following directions during
game play to activate the cheat function. 

Result                  Code
God mode             - [Right][Left][Right][Left][Up][Down][Up][Down]
Immune to attacks    - [Left][Right][Left][Right][Up][Down][Up][Down]
Full health and mana - [Left][Left][Right][Right][Up][Down][Up][Down]
Extra damage         - [Up][Down][Up] [Down][Left][Right][Left][Right]
Extra silver         - [Up][Up][Down][Down][Left][Right][Left][Right]

Easy money:
Early in the game (without cheating), go talk to the barrel maker that is
inside one of the Broch's. This is the Broch that is near the middle of 
the town, but at the west end; his door is facing north (if you were to 
be facing his door, you would be facing east). The name of the place at 
the bottom of the screen when you walk in will read "Boyd's Barrels", at
the west side of Houton. After you talk to him, go back outside. Go to the
right side of his Broch and start destroying the barrels next to his dwelling
(that are under the awning). He will come out and talk to you. Give him nice 
responses. He will give you the "Barrel Maker - Break lots of Barrels" quest.
After that, every time you see a barrel, make sure you do whatever it takes 
to break it into tiny pieces. Then, go into The Drunken Rat bar and smash all
the barrels on the upper floor. This is the floor you are on when you first 
walk in the front door. There are eight barrels that you can smash with your
fists or a sword, and three behind the three singing drunks that you cannot 
destroy until you have bought a bow at the store. This makes a total of eleven
barrels. Then, go down the stairs in the back room of the bar. You will find 
eleven more barrels to smash. After all those barrels have been smashed, go 
out the front door of the bar. Then, go back in and smash them all over again.
After smashing a large number of barrels (over 100) go to the man who gave you
the quest. He is standing next to the awning where you broke his barrels. He 
will give you 500 Silver. By doing this, it, you can make as much money as 
desired early in the game. 
Note: Try buying the Longbow to shoot the three barrels behind the singing

Final choice:
In the final choice, if you have summons out you can ask their advice, unless
they do not talk (then the Bard just says "Right"). 

Alternate storyline:
If the puppy joins your party, it changes the story somewhat. For example, 
when you face The Pet it will crush your dog, killing it. Later when you run
into the skull in the dungeon, it says that someone from your past wants to 
see you again and it brings your undead dog back into your party. 

Easy kills:
After you kill the giant rat in the beginning of the game, go through Houton 
village and find the puppy in the middle part of the village. Respond nicely 
and the dog will follow you. As you journey on, the dog will distract enemies,
thus making easier kills. 

Donate 100 silver to the priests, both in towns and in the wild to unlock 
various bonuses, such as movies, artwork, and songs. Use the following trick
to unlock the bonuses easily. After getting at least 2,000 silver, save the 
game. Find a priest and make a 100 silver donation. Keep donating 100 silver
until all your silver is gone. Then, pause game play and select the "Exit To 
Main Menu" option without saving your game. Answer "Yes" when warned that your
unsaved chapter progress will be lost. Once at the title screen, enter the 
"Extras" menu to view the unlocked bonuses. Exit that menu and load your 
previously saved game. Immediately save the game again. You will still have
your silver and the unlocked bonus options.

There is no easy way to get all the bonuses. You must do a set amount of large
donations which are listed as follows. The number indicates the number of large
donations that must be made with the corresponding bonus that you will get. 
Note: If you save and leave the game you must redo every donation to get up 
to the same amount as when you saved. 

1: Movie: Introduction 
2: Song: Beer, Beer,: Beer 
4: Art Gallery 1 
6: Art Gallery 2 
10: Movie: Bard's Tale Logo 
15: Song: Bad Luck - Ogan 
20: Art: Gallery 3 
25: Song: Bad Luck - Wolves 
30: Art Gallery: 4 
35: Song: Bad Luck - Minion 
40: Movie: InXile Logo 
45: Art Gallery 5 
50: Song: Bad Luck - Jail 
60: Art Gallery: 6 
70: Art Gallery 7 
80: Song: Tale of the Nukelavee 
100: Song: Here's to the Bard 
120: Art Gallery 8 
140: Art Gallery: 9 
160: Song: You're a Fooling One 
180: Art Gallery: 10 
200: Song: Bad Luck - Lava Life 
220: Song: Bad Luck - Lava: Death 
220: Song: Bad Luck - Bard 
260: Art Gallery: 11 
500: Movie: Ending 2 
600: Movie: Ending 1 
700: Movie: Ending 3 

Star Wars reference:
If you choose to be snarky to the elder after defeating Silkbeard, he will
say "May the queen of the Sith take you."
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