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The Forgotten Cheats & Hints

The Forgotten

Call the elevator by pulling down the switch to the 
right of the elevator doors and watch the elevator 
floor indicator descend. Inside the elevator, drag 
your floor key to the corresponding slot. Pull the 
handle and up or down you go.

Apothecary Shop
Examine everything in the shop. Check out the door at the 
other end. Look at the strange clock on the wall, its hands 
are moving backwards. Underneath the clock is a bowl of 
water with strange symbols around it. Pay attention to the 
order of those symbols. Remove the lid from the grinder on 
the counter. Drag the bones on the counter one by one into 
the grinder. Close the lid and then turn the handle and watch 
the skull off to the side. You have to find a way out of the 
Shop. Click on the red carpet and it will slide open to reveal 
a puzzle. Press the stones in the same order as the clue by 
the water bowl under the clock. If successful a trap door will 
open showing stairs going below. 

Hotel Lounge and Lobby (present)
Climbing out of the dumb waiter, you enter into the run-down 
lounge of the hotel. There’s mysterious unintelligible whispering 
around you. Go through the doorway, then turn right and grab the 
handle of the double door and slide open. You are now in the lobby. 
Your eye is drawn to the only object in the room, the registration 
book. Open the book. Click on the pen and drag it into the inkwell, 
then onto the book. The pen begins to write a name, but before you 
can read it, you are sucked into a time rift and propelled back 
into the past when the hotel was operational..
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