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The Golden Compass Cheats & Hints

The Golden Compass

Alethiometer answers:
Submitted by: RM

The following information will answer all questions in the journal.

Hourglass            Time              Death, change
Sun                  Day               Authority, truth
Alpha and Omega      Finality          Process, inevitability
Marionette           Obedience         Submission, grace
Serpent              Evil              Guile, natural wisdom
Cauldron (crucible)  Alchemy           Craft, achieved wisdom
Anchor               Hope              Steadfastness, prevention
Helmet               War               Protection, narrow vision
Beehive              Productive work   Sweetness, light
Moon                 Chastity          Mystery, the uncanny
Madonna              Motherhood        The feminine, worship
Apple                Sin               Knowledge, vanity
Bird                 The soul          Spring, marriage
Bread                Nourishment       Christ, sacrifice
Ant                  Mechanical work   Diligence, tedium
Bull                 Earth             Power, honesty
Candle               Fire              Faith, learning
Cornucopia           Wealth            Autumn, hospitality
Chameleon            Air               Greed, patience
Thunderbolt          Inspiration       Fate, chance
Dolphin              Water             Resurrection, succor
Walled garden        Nature            Innocence, order
Globe                Politics          Sovereignty, fame
Sword                Justice           Fortitude, the Church
Griffin              Treasure          Watchfulness, courage
Horse                Europe            Journeys, fidelity
Camel                Asia              Summer, perseverance
Elephant             Africa            Charity, continence
Crocodile            America           Rapacity, enterprise
Baby                 The future        Malleability, helplessness
Compass              Measurement       Mathematics, science
Lute                 Poetry            Rhetoric, philosophy
Tree                 Firmness          Shelter, fertility
Wild man             Wild man          The masculine, lust
Owl                  Night             Winter fear

Bears armor:
After you have chased the boy and he tells you how to go to the docks, go there.
Collect the marbles then wall forward to the beam. Jump on the beam and go to 
the end. You must go to the end of the beam. Do not jump when the action light
first appears, but instead go all the way to the end of the beam or you will 
fall into the water. After you have jumped on the train, use your insight to see
where to jump next. Use your Sloth form. When you land on the box, turn back to
the left and jump to the next sloth swing, which will take you to the next level
up. Collect all the items. Use your Insight on the two birds before you get too
close and they fly away. Use Sloth or Bird form to jump down to the pillar. 

If you use the Bird form you can control where you land easier. When you get to 
the second pillar you can either collect the items to the left bu jumping from 
crate to crate or by just climbing up from the second pillar and then changing 
to Sloth form. Use Insight to see where to jump next. When you leave the sloth 
swing, you will land on a beam and go to a second beam halfway across the last 
one. Exit from the second beam to the train. Go to the end of the train by the 
crane. Collect the marbles. Climb back on the train, use Sloth form, and jump 
on the box. Use Insight for sloth swing. Jump to the sloth swing towards the 
water and go to the flat boat. Next, jump box to box until you get to the cat 
climb. This can be difficult; go to the edge of each box and wait until it 
floats toward the next box. It may not look like much, but you will miss if you
are not careful. At the cat climb, go to top and collect the last orb, then go
to the left to collect the other three. Go down slowly where last orb was located,
then drop to another balance beam. Go to end of the beam, jump off, and collect 
three marbles behind a train. Go toward the building and collect the item behind
the train on the left. Go to the area where you can see a train in the water and
jump down. Get on the box, then jump to sloth swing to the first train. 

Jump to the right to the sloth swing and you will go to a roof. Jump down to 
collect the item on the second train. Then, go back to the train in water. Jump
back on the last train. Jump on the box and walk a board. Pan will gnaw through
the rope then you need to jump from box to box. They will sink; you need to be 
quick. Use Bird form and glide from one box to the next quickly, as the boxes 
will sink otherwise. You will end up on another dock. It is fairly easy after 
that. Collect the items on the box and train boxes. Fight the guards. Collect 
more items. You must distract the guard in the yard. Throw an item at the bell.
Go in the yard. The guard will not bother you. Gather items as desired.
Climb on top of the building.

Select the "Extras" option and load an previously saved game file. Select the 
"Game Secrets" option, then "Enter Code". Enter one of the following symbols in
the Alethiometer in the order, top left, bottom left, and top right. 
The corresponding featurette is now unlocked at the "Featurettes" option at the 
"Extras" menu. Note: The game will save automatically after correct code entry. 

-="Audio Session: Dakota Blue Richards" featurette=-
Enter Compass, Sun, Madonna as a code. 

-="Audio Session: Freddie Highmore" featurette=-
Enter Compass, Moon, Wild Man as a code. 

-="Behind the Scenes..." featurette=-
Enter Alpha/Omega, Alpha/Omega, Compass as a code. 

-="Daemon Motion Reference Shoot" featurette=-
Enter Griffin, Elephant, Owl as a code. 

-="Polar Bears in Motion" featurette=-
Enter Sun, Moon, Wild Man as a code.
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