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The Great Escape Cheats & Hints

The Great Escape

Submitted by: RM

Getting the timetable:
Once you have sneaked past the Kommandant, go to the hut with the timetable.
There will be a guard next to it. If you pick it up, the guards will shoot 
you. Instead, go into the room behind the guard. Turn off the radio and he 
will leave the timetable. Run into the timetable room and pick it up, then 
go back inside the camp.

Saving the game:
During missions, you can only save a certain number of times. The amount of 
saves you get depends on the mission. Make sure to only save after you clear 
a major obstacle or objective. If you save too much, it will not let you save
anymore and this can cause trouble if you get caught frequently.

MacDonald: Mission 3:
Before you finish mission 2 as MacDonald, make sure you are wearing the goon 
uniform. Slide down the zipline to end the mission. When the mission 3 starts,
you should be wearing the goon uniform. This will enable you to easily race to
the hut in front of you to answer the phone, and prevent the mountain forces 
from hearing about you in advance. You can now easily kill the first few guards
on the mountain in disguise. However, make sure no other guard sees you killing
them. The disguise works until you have to past the two guards near the spotlight.

At any time, if you get stuck on an objective or have no idea where to go next, 
bring up your notebook. It tells you exactly where to go and what to do. 
Use its knowledge often.

Keeping doors unlocked:
In all the missions that you are in a camp, if your are noticed by the guards 
more than twice outside your hut at night, they will enter the hut you returned 
to and stare at you. He will then ask "What are you doing?". Wait until he turns 
to leave. If you do nothing, he will shut the door and lock it from the outside. 
However, you can either strangle him or stand in the doorway so that when he 
shuts it, the door will hit you and open again The guard will not notice and 
walk away.

Defeating the tank:
While you are driving the tank, you encounter another tank. You cannot fight; 
park somewhere safe and run into the house with the stairs. Go to one of the 
levers and pull it. You will see a train appear and hit the tank, clearing 
the path for you.
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