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Theme Hospital Cheats & Hints

Theme Hospital

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DJ Simo

First click on an icon in the corner. A fax machine will pop up with a
question on it. Look down at the bottom and there are some numbers and
then the green button. Enter 24328 and the following cheats will work.
Or enter 7287 to go to a rat shotting level after you have completed 
the level you are on.

Code                Result
Shift+C           - toget more money
Ctrl+y            - end of the year
Ctrl+C            - full reasearch
Shift+Q           - Earthquake
Shift+E           - Emergency
Ctrl+M            - End month
F11               - Lose the game
F12               - Win the game
Shift+1           - Create patient at pointer
Shift+S           - Create specialist doctor
Shift+L           - Change patient's appearance
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+C  - All items

Submitted by: Dan Caseley

1. Click'n'drop a few members of staff into an empty wing of the hospital.
2. Trap them inside the wing (ie - cover the floor with a line of plants).
   There has to be no way for them to escape. 
3. Once they are all trapped, click on any/all of them, and fire them.
4. Watch what happens!!! 
5. Different thngs happen to Doctors, to nurses,etc.

Level select:
Submitted by: Mega-Fred

Start the game with the "Hospital.exe-L(level number)" command line.

Hint: To get all the rooms and litter bombs:
Submitted by: chris

If you type in ctrl+shift+c after the 24328 cheat then you will get the 
research for the whole game not just your level.

Submitted by: Matt Larter

On the fax machine use the keypad to type 24328 and then press the green
button. After press on one of the normal box's to continue the game then
press leftshift and C to get money and leftcontrol and C to get all of 
the avalible rooms on that level! 

Submitted by

Exept the "fax-screen cheats", you can choose level. Just press C when in 
the board game screen before a level starts. Then, click on any part of the
board to go to that level.

Jump to a rat shoot level after the current level:
Enter 7287 into the fax machine and activate the green button. 

Level select:
Start the game using the hospital -L command line. 

Level skip:
Press C on the board game screen before a level starts. Then, click on any
part of the board to advance to that level. 

Bonus level:
When you are brought up with the fax machine, click on the buttons 24328, 
Green Button, 7287, Green Button, 999. You will hear a telephone ring 
louder than the others to confirm correct code entry. When you complete 
the level, you will be brought to the "Rat Shoot" level. Finish that level, 
and you will be brought back to the game board. However, this time you will 
see your pointer. Hold C and click on the other piece (to the left of the 
screen and in the shape of a lady that is green). If nothing happens, 
release C. If done correctly, you will se a short FMV sequence and will 
be brought to a secret level. The game may restart after a while, but it 
will not damage your progress. If it does not reset, you will eventually 
see pregnant women. 

Multiple items:
Hold [Shift] while clicking on an object to put in a room (for example, a 
radiator, bed, etc.) to get five of them instantly. However, if you hold 
[Ctrl] you will get ten of that item. This is especially useful when 
placing the chairs that your patients like so much.

Happy patients:
Place plenty of radiators, turn the heating up, but not too high because people 
will overheat and become sick. Place a plant in every room and at least two in 
every separate block. Also, place plenty of drinks machines.

Less breakdowns:
To cut down on the number of machines that break down, place a fire extinguisher 
next to the machine. Note: Machines will still break down, but not as often.

Strange staff members:
Click and drop a few members of the staff into an empty wing of the hospital, 
then trap them inside the wing (i.e. cover the floor with a line of plants). 
There has to be no way for them to escape. Once they are all trapped, click 
on any or all of them, and fire them. Watch what happens. Different things 
happen to Doctors, nurses, etc. This always works in the demo, if the staff 
are trapped in the south-east wing and the narrow passageway is blocked with 

Shorter waiting times:
To cut the waiting time of the GP's office down, build two GP's offices when you 
first start at the hospital. When your hospital starts to get busy, especially 
in the later levels, think about installing another reception desk.

Better start:
When you are first building your hospital, set the game speed on slowest. This will 
give you plenty of time to build the hospital. After you have finished, select the 
option that will open your hospital. This will allow you open sooner than the other 
hospitals. Once you are done, set the game speed to fastest to start getting patients

Highest rank:
The highest possible VIP remark is actually: "What a storming hospital. When 
I'm next seriously ill take me there!" (Cash Grant $4,000)

Rat Shoot Level:
When the fax screen appears at any point in the game, enter 7287 and then press the 
green button. When you complete that level, you will be taken to the special Rat 
Shoot bonus level.

Staff and patients jog in place: 
Build a bathroom then hire a Receptionist. Drop her inside the bathroom. The bathroom 
door will disappear, and anyone who wants to enter or get out will jog in place on 
the entrance to the bathroom.

Running without CDROM:
If you want to have the game run faster, copy whole CD on Harddrive and install from
there. The setup will make a hospital.ini in installed directory, where path will 
point to directory in which is the installation copied from CD-ROM. You need to keep
the installation files on Harddrive later to play the game.

Get rid of garbage easily:
Whenever you have trash or vomit around, simply pick up a bench, fire extinghuisher,
radiator or a drinks machine, and place it on the garbage. It will dissappear 
instantly! You can now return the object to it original place.
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