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The Mummy Cheats & Hints

The Mummy

Cheat Codes:
Update by: ankit bhatnagar
Update by: Akshay Moghe
Submitted by: Ruchit Surati

While playing a game press "ESC" and quit, then go to "Replay Level"
 --> Bonus Game Modes --> then put in a code below: 

Code              Result
w,a,w,d,d,s,s,a - All weapons 
w,w,s,w,d,a,a,d - Unlimited Lives 
d,s,d,a,w,s,a,s - Unlimited Ammo 
s,d,w,w,a,d,s,a - Invincibility

Hidden trailers:
Submitted by: Ruchit Surati

Enter Brendan Fraser's biography to view a trailer from Gods And Monsters.
Enter Arnold Vosloo's biography to view a trailer from Darkman 2. 

Complete music soundtrack:
Submitted by: Ruchit Surati

Select the "Language" option at the main menu. The Dolby Digital music 
soundtrack will start after the animation completes. 

Kill Anubis instantly:
Just throw amulets at the tall Jabroni's flying Scarabs but watch out when
he tries to crush you with his belly flop. This works fast! If anyone could
give some cheat codes you can type in during the game, I would be very 
pleased ! I feel I'm the only one giving cheats here ! But once I find out
some new cheats to help you beat the game,I'll submit some to you my friends!

Get More Amulets:
Collect a lot of treasure in the game and when you beat the level you're on,
I THINK you'll get some Amulets. Save them to kill Imhotep. If you waste them
before Imhotep, you'll be sorry! 

Kill Imhotep Easily:
Easy way to beat Imhotep : Use the new sword you got after beating Anubis, Cut
the chains on the death bed to free Evy. Imhotep will talk trash to you after,
so just kill the jabroni by throwing Amulets at his flying ghost mummies. There
are at least 5 sets of them .Once you do that, Johnathan and Evy read the book
of Amun-Ra and Imhotep turns mortal . Kill him any way you feel like it! This 
jabroni is the hardest enemy you'll ever face! It took me a while to figure it
and I hope this helps you! 

Lives Hint:
To get as many lives as you want beat the game up to the level Anck-Su-Namun's
crypt press reply level and then play Anck-Su-Namun's the level 
getting all the lives.If you want you can save after you beat it You can. Repea
that until you have as many lives as yu want then play the game!

Submitted by: ankit

Result                Code
All weapons           WAWDDSSA 
Unlimited ammunition  DSDAWSAS 
Unlimited lives       WWSWDAAD 
Unlimited health      SDWWADSA 

To Kill Anubis:
Submitted by: Mohan

To kill the tall Jabroni's flying Scarabs, You can throw amulets to kill them,but
be careful as he tries to crush you with his belly by falling down. I suggest you
to make rounds around the room to void his crush.

Tips for Jumping:
Submitted by: Mohan

At first I found a bit difficulty in jumping over Green (water), yellow (lava) and 
Red (blood) liquids in the game. If you fall into them, you have to repeat the stage, 
even if you are cheating. So, I suggest the jumps in two ways. If suppose you have 
to jump onto a platform which is big enough or long enough, take a running jump so 
that you will never fall down. If you have to jump on a small piece of block or land 
in the middle, try taking a running jump, but you have to jump when you are three 
steps behind the end of the source platform and that too running just only 3 or 4 

General Tips:
Submitted by: Mohan

1. Try to use TNT packs when you have to kill a group of enemies in a bunch. You 
   find them in some levels.
2. You will find many dark places in the game, so you have to explore them carefully 
   to collect all items.
3. Mummies and other evil creatures in the game generally attack in pairs. 
   Take a note of it.

Hint: Fighting multiple enemies:
Submitted by: ashwini sharma

When confronted with multiple mummies and when low on ammo quickly approach a corner
and then face the enemies. chances then are that they all will come to u from the 
ahead only. u can even hit once to hurt multiple enemies together this way. Morever
this way they will only come to u only one by one this way.

Getting more lives:
Submitted by: Varun

To get more lives you have to complete the game upto "BENI'S DOWNFALL".
Then go to the main menu and select replay level and play the beni's downfall level
till you get as many lives as you wanted.You will get 4 lives each time if you play
this level. You can also play the "ANCK-SU-NAMUN'S CRYPT" to get more lives.

All weapons          - Finish the game with at least 35 gems.
Unlimited ammunition - Finish the game with at least 55 gems.
Unlimited lives      - Finish the game with at least 60 gems. 
Unlimited health     - Finish the game with at least 65 gems.
Bonus Cairo level    - Finish the game with at least 50 gems.
All cheats           - Finish the game with at least 78 gems.
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