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The New Adventures of the Time Machine Cheats & Hints

The New Adventures of the Time Machine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

View ending sequences:
Use a text editor to edit the "engineparams" file in the "scripts" folder
in the game directory. Locate the "[Cinematiques]" heading, then add the 
following lines below it. 

Cine0 = cine003
Cine1 = cine003b
Cine2 = cine004

Start the game to view the ending sequence.

Examine your surroundings carefully. Some objects are hidden and others
blend right in with their surroundings in plain view. You must be positioned
in front of an object in order to pick it up. 

Remember that The New Adventures of the Time Machine is a real-time 3D game.
This means that NPCs (non-player characters) go about their business, much 
the same as real life. They are constantly moving, and therefore will not 
always be in the same location i.e. the gardener who was gardening in one 
area may have moved to another when you pass through Hourglass Square a few
minutes later. You may find it necessary to follow a character and keep 
talking to them before they stop and hear you. 

Technical Note: Because of the real-time nature of The New Adventures of the
Time Machine, your system may occasionally get bogged down, after a long 
period of play or on a slower machine, by the continuous stream of instructions
required to keep the virtual world alive. The solution to this is to save 
your game and reboot your machine. It is also recommended that you close all
unnecessary programs such as anti-virus software that may be running in the 
background to free up your system resources. 

Jad Garrul 
Jad Garrul is the amount of magic energy you have available at any point 
in the game. Use your Jad Garrul wisely: Magical spells use different amounts
of Jad Garrul, and do not last very long, so must be reinforced as necessary.
With practice you will be able to determine which of the spells you have 
obtained are appropriate for each situation. In some areas you may want to 
use more than one spell at a time, i.e. your Chronomatic Mask or Armor along
with the Invisibility spell. You may also want to immediately activate a 
Counter spell if your opponent has used a spell to drain your Jad Garrul.
Whenever possible, use your Wrist Jadger as it has unlimited energy, instead 
of your de-harmonize spell, which will drain your Jad Garrul. Later in the 
game you will have the opportunity to obtain a Chronophore which is a very 
powerful weapon and should be used instead of either the Wrist Jadger or 
the De-Harmonize spell. 

You can restore your Jad Garrul points by using any one of the following 
inventory items that you collect along the way: Black Salt Crystals and 
Shell of Time. 

Sand Points: 
Your sand points are the amount of health you have available at any given
time. This is shown by a colored bar beside your Jad Garrul in the Nautilus
icon. Full green is maximum health. As you lose health the bar goes to yellow,
orange and finally red. It is wise to keep your health as close to full as 
possible. This can be accomplished in two ways: 

1. Using inventory items that you collect such as sand herbs and sand globes
   will recharge your sand points. 
2. Using your Hourglass Ointment spell on yourself until you are completely

Each time your character changes ages during a Time Wave, your Jad Garrul and
Sand points are restored to maximum. 

The Charged Hourglass of Ashes will fully recharge both your Sand and Jad Garrul

Shortcut Keys 
Make sure you set up your spells and useful inventory items such as your Wrist
Jadger so they respond to your number keypad. There are situations where you 
may have to use several spells at the same time, draw and fire your weapon, 
then reinforce your spells again. Setting up your keys (while in a safe 
location) will help you respond quickly in a difficult situation. This is 
accomplished by the following actions: 

1) For magic, go into your Chronomatic menu by pressing c on your keyboard. 
2) Select a spell by clicking on it (making it active). Press a number key 1-9.
   The number will be visible in an offshoot pod in your menu. Pressing that 
   number from then on will cause that spell to show as your 'active' spell 
   until you go back into your Chronomatic menu or set up another spell by 
3) Continue setting up your spells, then close the Chronomatic menu. Now when
   you select those numbers you will see the active spells change according 
   to your configuration. You can set up common inventory items in the same
   way, such as your weapons, Black Salt Crystals, etc. by going into your 
   inventory menu, press I and selecting a number from 1-9 in the same 
   method as above. 

Note: you can change shortcut keys at any time. 

Saving a game: 
Saving a game will take up half a Jad Garrul point, so you must plan carefully.
Save before you enter a dangerous (or unknown) situation. Make sure you save 
after you have defeated a difficult foe or completed a tough challenge, so you
will not have to go through it again if you die. 

Hints (For Episode 1 - From the Official Strategy & Solutions Guide) 

Hourglass City Your character begins in a courtyard just off the U-shaped
street. Control Wales forward. Press the action key and pick up the object
on the ground. It is the Nautilus. Pick it up, then turn and go into the 
alleyway. Turn left (the other direction is blocked by a cart). A young 
boy speaks to you; thankfully you discover the inhabitants in this strange
place speak English. The boy isn't very helpful because he can't remember 
anything, but he suggests you speak to the priests of the Sand God. 
He also tells you to come to him if you have something to trade. 

Take the right alley and continue down it until you reach the columns of
Hourglass Square. A cut scene shows a panorama of the large hourglass in
the middle of the square. Walk right up to the Hourglass monument. If you
turn right, you can walk up the steps to a Palace, but you will not be 
allowed entry. Instead, turn left. Walk past the first path, which is a
dead end. Take the next path on the left. Speaking with people you encounter
will help you learn where the Sand Temple is, and what the Hourglass monument
in the center is for. 

As Wales reaches the archway, you witness a cut-scene portraying a temporal
storm. People begin to change ages, some grow older and others grow younger.
Wales himself has become a boy again. Continue through the open archway and
down the street until you reach Temple Square. Walk forward a little to the
left Look at the altar. On the left hand side is a wooden bowl. Position 
Wales directly against the wall of the temple, in front of the bowl and 
take it. 

Continue around the temple until you reach a darkened altar. There is a
man dressed in a blue sarong and a red shirt, praying in front of it. 
You can see a weapon there but the man won't let you get near enough to
it. Turn left and continue around the temple until you reach an entrance.
Go inside the temple and speak to the priest. He is praying at the large 
statue in the center. The priest explains that the temporal wave removes 
the memories of everyone except for the sacred guards and the priests, 
in exchange for protection. The memories are stockpiled and kept by the
Sand God Khronos. You learn that the Shekandar monks in the desert are 
masters of magic and they may possibly have a solution to your predicament.
The priest suggests that you go inside the Chronomatic Sphere to find some 

Walk to the sphere, climb up its stairs and push open the door.

Inside the sphere you notice how strange it is that such a small sphere 
can contain such a large cavernous area. You have also been given duplicate
sand points and Jad Garrl allotment for inside the sphere. Walk forward 
and you will see a Lemur before you. He observes that you have magical 
qualities and suggests that you touch the blue crystals to learn some 
spells. There are three spells to take in the cavern. Familiarize yourself
 with the area as subsequent spheres are laid out in the same manner but 
the spell crystals are placed in different locations in subsequent caverns
you will encounter. Take the De-Harmonize, Warp and Hourglass Ointment spells.
Speak to the Lemur before you leave the sphere. The Lemur will tell you the 
purpose of each and says you can practice inside the sphere without using 
up your Jad Garrl. Leave the sphere. 

The temple priest approaches you and says now that you have awakened 
your magical power, you must go to the monastery. Before you can pass
through the desert though, you must find a certain relic that will lead
you there. Leave the temple. 

Turn left and go past the first darkened altar back to the altar with 
the Wrist Jadgar in the left top corner. Now that the man dressed in 
the blue and red sarong is gone you can reach the weapon. When you touch
it, it becomes activated. Take it and put it into your inventory. 

Turn around and go towards the merchant's (old woman) stand. 
Touch the basket to the left of the stand three times. There 
is something inside that squawks each time you touch it, 
annoying the woman. After you touch it the third time, she 
goes over to the basket to try to quiet whatever is in there. 
Quickly, take the chance while her back is turned and dash 
behind the counter. (If you cannot perform this act quickly, 
she will come back to you and tell you to get out from behind 
her stall. You will have to use the Warp spell to make yourself 
invisible and then take the ointment.) Unless you are very quick, 
the old woman will return to her stall before you have a chance 
to pick up the Vissahid ointment from behind the counter. If 
she sees you, you will not be able to pick up the ointment. 
Instead, she will challenge you and try to shoo you away from 
stealing her wares. You must return to the basket and start 

Take the Vissahid ointment and head around the temple until you 
reach the street to the left of the lily pond (the street from 
which you entered the Square) to return to Hourglass Square. 
Walk up to the Hourglass monument and turn left. Take the second 
left pathway. If you get to the big gate, you have gone too far. 
Turn left at the garden path. Walk down the path until you reach 
the gardener (he is the gentleman wearing the teal green shirt 
and cap, tending to his plants). If you take too long in locating 
him, you will have to search around the garden for him. Once you 
find him, engage the helpful fellow in conversation. Keep talking 
to him until he gives you the sand herbs. Leave the Hourglass 
Square by the street you originally took to enter it. Turn right 
and go to the U-shaped street, up to the merchant stand with the 
white and brown striped awning. You should recognize this area as 
it is near where you first landed your machine. 

Due to the temporal storm, the merchant boy you met earlier is now a
large, old man who has been forced to stoop over with age. When you 
talk to him he asks you to find something for his terrible backache. 
Give him the ointment. He gives you a relic. It is a compass; exactly
what you need for traveling in the desert. Say "yes" when asked if 
you want to trade. Offer him the bowl and he will trade a knife for 

Turn back and take the path to Hourglass Square. Walk up to the 
Hourglass monument and take the second path to the left back to 
Temple Square. Walk around the temple to the old merchant woman's
stand (where you made the bird squawk and then took the ointment).
Take the road just to the right of the stand, not the lane behind 
the temple. 

You enter a cut scene where you observe a guard who shoots a 
young boy for allegedly trying to steal his Tripodon. Approach 
the guard and blast him with either your De-Harmonizing spell 
or your Wrist Jadgar. You must keep hitting him with the spell 
or firing the Wrist Jadgar at him as he will protect and defend 
himself by firing back at you. Keep firing until he is de-
harmonized. Take the Tripodon. 

A cut-scene shows your character traveling through the desert 
to the monastery. 

End of Episode 1: 
Episode 5 -The Rebel Camp (This is also the episode played in the Demo) 

Walk over to the other pen containing a Tripodon. To the right of the pen
is a honey cactus tree. Use your knife to cut off a piece. Talk to the 
Tripodon caretaker. Offer him the honey cactus. In exchange, he offers 
you a drink of Ashfire. 

Go over to the man with the Wrist Jadgers and speak to him. Touch the 
Wrist Jadger. It is now recharged! Speak to the man again and he will 
give you a Sounding Stick to help you through Ulmoreth's Arch. 

Turn around and go to the large tent to the left of Willoughby's pen.
Show the rebel standing in front of it your Hourglass and he will give
you a charged Hourglass. Go in the tent. 

Ashamira offers you some black salt crystals that you gratefully take.
Talk to her again and she gives you some important last-minute advice.
Cast the Voyage of the Arch spell in front of the red, thorny Arch, 
roughly standing in the area where a pattern on the floor looks like
arrows pointing inwards. A doorway appears. Go through it.
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