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The Simpsons - Hit And Run Cheats & Hints

The Simpsons - Hit And Run

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gsp

New Year's theme:
Set the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game change
to a New Year's theme. 

Halloween theme:
Set the system date to October 31st to see various things in the game change
to a Halloween theme. 

Thanksgiving theme:
Set the system date to the last hursday in November to see various things in
the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme:
Set the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game change
to a Christmas theme. 

Itchy and Scratchy cartoon:
Collect all cards in the game then go to Lisa's level. Go to the Android's 
Dungeon. Talk to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon. Then, go
to the Aztec Theater to watch the cartoon.

Submitted by: Gsp

Ride an ATV or Quad:
You can find an ATV or Quad to ride at the trailer park in Homer's and Marge's
levels. It is between two trailers at the far end. In Marge's level, go to the
trailer park short cut then go near the end of it. You will see a card floating
on the top of the trailer. Go on the left side of it and you will see a blue ATV.
Note: You can also ride the monorail in Apu's level.

Drive a monster truck:
When on Apu's level, you can get a monster truck, Go to Springfield Stadium. 
Directly next to the fountain is a green monster truck.

Drive Nightboat:
When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge oil tanker
with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it. Jump through the Globex
sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off. Park your car next to the little gap/
walkway on the left. Hop out and run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the 
very top and shimmy around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive pink Cadillac:
On level 6 with Bart, drive to Planet Hype (right at the beginning of the docks,
there is a revolving planet there) and go on the roof. The Pink Cadillac is crashed
into the front of the building in a little slot (facing the Squidport sign). Fall 
off the front of Planet Hype, land on the Cadillac, get in, and drive it.

Drive RC car:
On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp. As you 
jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with an antenna. 
Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/ramp then drive fast
towards the building with mildew under the roof. You could also climb up the other
firetruck that is in the wreckage next to the building. Jump on the ladder, then 
go up to the top of the firetruck. Next, go over the side of the roof with the 
horizontal wood, then to the top of the roof with the RC car.

Drive a rocket car:
In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town. Then,
drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going along the road
and on the left, in front of one of the big houses, you will find a blue and 
white rocket car that you can drive around.

Multi-player racing game:
Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing mini game.

Easy money:
Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive around and
it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it. Then, look for one
of the wrenches and get it while out of a car. The rocket car will now return. 
You can smash it again and keep getting money as many times as desired. Look for
Buzz Cola boxes and Wasp cameras and destroy them. You will get about 30 coins 
from each of them.

Decrease Hit and Run meter:
When you are almost going to activate the Hit And Run, get out of your car and
borrow the first car you can find. Do not not drive one from the telephone. Then,
quickly get out and enter your car again. The Hit And Run meter will reach zero.

Get a ride:
Go to any level (Homer's first level recommended). Stand in the middle of the road
and when a car appears, jump onto its hood then jump again onto the roof. It will 
take you all around the district.

Smoking tires:
To have a very fast car, hold down the [Gas] + [Reverse] + [Brake] until the smoke
turns black and you see flames on bottom of your tires. This can only be done with
some cars. Release everything except [Gas] and you should go very fast.

Seriously damaged car:
On Homer's final levels, drive the 70's car to the yellow bridge that reads 
"Evergreen Terrace and Power Plant". Speed out of the cemetery, drive onto the
bridge, and ram the car into the railings on the right-hand side the bridge to
get them merged into each other> Get out from the car and watch it fall. If it
does not fall, push it. Make sure it falls directly next to the bridge. It will
then appear from the purple water. Merge through the road completely damaged 
almost exploded. 

Alternate character reactions:
When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select will 
react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing
Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

Skip a Mission:
To skip a mission, you have to fail a mission 5 times and then in the menu you 
will have the option to "skip" sometimes you will have to fail a mission 6 
times. It's common sense if you have played Road Rage, in the Missions fail 
it 5 times and you skip it, same as here! 

How to get bart and the second level:
Do all of Homer's missions and it will take you to Downtown with Bart as 
the character.

Change your clothes:
Go inside the school or the Kwik-e-mart and go up to the shirt (with the $ sign 
above it) and press the Y button then you can buy different cloths such as Homer 
in his under wear or in a dress.

Bonus Cars:
Level 1 Rocket car: Outside Quimby's mansion 
Level 2 Monorail: On monorail track near Itchy and Scratchy balloons 
Level 3 Night boat: On the boat where you find Bart (stashed in a crate) 
Level 4 Quad bike: In the caravan park near a tree 
Level 5 Monster truck: Near the stadium above the fountain 
Level 6 Pink Caddylic: Hole in a wall next to Planet Hype 
Level 7 RC car: On top of Krusty Burger near the Kwik-E-Mart

Springfield is an island:
Enable the "Press [Horn] to jump while in car", "No top speed", and "Speedometer" 
codes. When you get up to level 6 (Bart), drive to the Springfield sign and jump 
over the river that leads to the sea, using the horn. When you have jumped over 
the river, you will find that you are driving on the sea! Cool. Keep driving 
forward until the speedometer reaches about 650. At this point, use the hand brake 
until you stop. Get out of the car and turn around. You will see that Springfield 
is an island. To get back to Springfield, either select a mission, or reverse into 
the river. 

Destroy police cars:
There are several ways to blow up police cars. You can make the blow up as long as 
you get out of your car and climb somewhere high. On Homer's first and last level 
and Marge's level, an easy way to blow up police cars is to be around Springfield 
Elementary. When you get a Hit and Run, drive into the recess area, then run to the 
vent against the building. You will fly on top of the building, and there will be 
wasp cameras and some boxes. The police will repeatedly ram the school's walls, and 
will eventually blow up. During Apu's and Bart's first level, one place is to drive 
up the ramp that is next to Nelson, by the Krusty Burger near the construction site.
If timed correctly, you can land in the area and stay up there, and the police 
cannot get you. 

Easy mission completion:
Note: This trick only works with missions that ask you to find a car and travel to 
a location in a limited amount of time. When you cannot complete a level because 
time runs out before you can reach a location, just find out where the location is 
and fail the mission. Then, try the same mission again, but run to the location 
instead of driving there. The timer will not start counting down until you enter 
a vehicle.

Drive World War II vehicle:
Note: It is useful to memorize how to get to Moe's, the Krusty Burger and Grampa 
Simpson first. Get the first pack of blood normally. Then, drive to Moe's to stop 
the clock. Do not enter Moe's or get out of your car. Now that the clock has stopped, 
drive to Grampa Simpson and get out. Then, run back to Moe's and get the blood 
there. Do not get in a vehicle or else the clock will start. Run over to the Krusty 
Burger. Note: The teen you talk to will not appear unless you are in a car -- just 
hop in a car that is going by. Now that you are in the car, drive to the teen, talk 
to him, and get the blood. Next, run over to Grampa and get in your car. Then, get 
out and talk to him. You should now have the WWII vehicle. 
Note: After you place your car by Grampa, you cannot use a telephone booth or else 
it will reset the car.

Bonus race cars:
Win the bonus race on the indicated level to unlock the corresponding car. 
Note: Bonus levels also unlock new cars. 

Level 1: Electaurus
Level 2: Moe's Sedan
Level 3: Book Burning Van
Level 7: Zombie Car 

Normal people in the power plant: 
Go to the Stone Cutters hidden tunnel. Enable the "Press [Horn] to jump while in car" 
code. Go under the sign and use the horn. You will jump, but not very high. Press it 
again when you hit the ground. Keep driving until you find a person in the power plant, 
and the person will be like someone from the street.

Save time:
On level 3 with Lisa you will do the Clueless mission. When you meet Milhouse at the 
docks, he will tell you to drive to the Springfield sign. Before you talk to him, drive 
your car north of Milhouse to the Itchy Scratchy shop. Then, go talk to him. When he is 
done talking, they will tell you to ''Get in your vehicle''. Run to the Itchy Scratchy 
shop and get into your vehicle. The timer will start and you will have more time.

Submitted by: FxJ

Cheat mode:
Hold [F1] and enter one of the following codes using the cursor keys at the options menu 
during a paused game to activate the cheat function. 
Note: the codes will not work from the main menu options screen.

Code                              Effect
[Up] [Up] [Up] [Up]             - All cards; after 100% completion
[Left] [Right] [Left] [Right]   - All character costumes; after 100% completion
[Up] [Down] [Up] [Down]         - All vehicles after; 100% completion
[Down] [Down] [Down] [Up]       - Alternate camera angles
[Down] [Down] [Down] [Left]     - Press [Kick] to change characters; after 100% completion
[Down] [Down] [Right] [Left]    - Red brick car (the secret vehicles normally found in each 
                                  level will now be a small red brick car)
[Right] [Right] [Right] [Right] - Higher acceleration
[Right] [Up] [Right] [Up]       - Invincibility for car
[Left] [Left] [Left] [Left]     - No top speed
[Left] [Left] [Left] [Right]    - Press [Horn] to jump while in car
[Right] [Right] [Down] [Left]   - Speedometer
[Down] [Up] [Down] [Right]      - Show rendering tree
[Right] [Right] [Left] [Left]   - One hit traffic death
[Up] [Left] [Left] [Right]      - View credits

One hit traffic death warning:
Note: Do not enable this code when in missions where you collect items by bumping into 
other cars (for example, Homer's first level where you have to bump the truck to collect
the video games). If you do, the car you are trying to bump into will explode, and you 
cannot complete the mission.

Itchy And Scratchy cartoon:
Collect all cards in the game then go to Lisa's level. Go to the Android's Dungeon. Talk
to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon. Then, go to the Aztec Theater to
watch the cartoon.

Change car stats:
Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create a backup copy of the files before 
proceeding. Enter the "\vivendi universal games\simpsons hit and run\scripts" folder. There
should be two folders here, named "cars" and "missions". Backup these folders. Then enter 
"cars" folders. You will see a few folders and a lot of .CON files. Open the "mrplo_V" file
with a text editor. You will now see a lot of text. At the top will be the name of the car.
The settings of this file are as follows.

[SetMass]: this is basically the weight of the car. If you increase it very high, the car 
can go through walls and send other cars flying. For example, set the Mr. Plow truck to 
[SetGasScale] and [SetSlipGasScale]: This modifies the acceleration of the car. The higher
the numbers, the faster the car will reach top speed. 
[SetBrakeScale]: This sets the brake's deceleration. The higher the value, the quicker the
car will slow down. 
[SetTopSpeedKmh]: Self-explanatory. 
[SetMaxWheelTurningAngle]: This sets the angle the wheels are at when you press the [Left]
or [Right] in relation to the car's body. For example, the car will turn very hard at 90 
and at 0 the wheels will not turn. [SetHighSpeedSteeringDrop]: This sets the drop in 
steering angle at high speeds. 
[SetTireGrip]: This sets the grip that the wheels have on the road. The higher the value,
the more grip the tires will have. 
[SetHitPoints]: The amount of health of the car 
[SetShinyness]: Set how shiny the car is.

Skip missions:
To get through the game faster by skipping levels, try and fail a mission five times. Then, 
try again and fail. You will be given "Yes", "No", and "Skip" choices to try again. Select 
"Skip" to advance faster through the game.

Dropped items:
There are some missions where you are required to ram your vehicle into another to collect 
dropped items from it. Enable the "One hit traffic death: code. Hit your opponent. The car 
will be destroyed, and only one of the required items will be dropped, and you will fail 
the mission.

Ride an ATV or Quad:
You can find an ATV or Quad to ride at the trailer park in Homer's and Marge's levels. It is 
between two trailers at the far end. In Marge's level, go to the trailer park short cut then
go near the end of it. You will see a card floating on the top of the trailer. Go on the left
side of it and you will see a blue ATV.

Drive a boat car:
In level 3, the boat car can be found on the C. Spanker, where there are two big boxes next 
to one big box. Go up, then into the extremely large box on top of the two other extremely 
large boxes.

Drive the Monorail car:
In level 2, to drive the Monarail car to to the first train in the broken Monorail station.

Drive Mr. Burns' Limo:
At Homer's Scary level (level 7), complete the bonus mission. Go up to Smithers near the 
Kwiky-Mart and do his mission. It not that easy and requires time. And after you complete
it, you can drive Mr. Burns' Limo. It is fast, tough, has average handling, and terrible 

Beating Smithers to Mr. Burns:
To beat Smithers to Mr. Burns in the last mission in level 1, purchase the Duff Truck from
Gil and use it in the race. Immediately when the level starts, drive it so it is facing 
the entrance booth and stop it halfway between the fence and the booth. Immediately exit 
from the car. Borrow a car that is driving into or out of the plant to drive to Mr. Burns
while Smithers keeps trying to get the truck out of the way. If done correctly, he will 
not be able to do so. Enable the "One hit traffic death" code. As soon as the race starts,
drive into Mr. Smithers. He will explode, and you can then just drive to Mr. Burns.To beat
Smithers, enable the "One hit traffic death" code. Park your car in front of the exit on 
the right. Start the mission, and Smithers should drive into your car and explode. 
Note: If you run to the mansion you can do the Springfield Marathon.

Racing Principal Skinner:
On the race to give Lisa her science project, use the drive at the end of Evergreen Terrace
and use the ladder by the Kwik-E-Mart. Go straight on then take the alley and use the Krusty

Delivering toxic waste:
On the mission in the level 7 where you have to deliver toxic waste, use any car you can 
hijack the one that you use to pick up the toxic waste. Then, get into a fast car or 
anything else and drive to the school. Now you do not have to worry about exploding the 
toxic waste. You should see the civilian car driving with the toxic waste on the back. 
Just get into it and complete your mission.

Buzz collector card:
When on the level with Lisa, go on the boat. There will be two small boxes and two big 
boxes. They will be stacked on each other. On the boxes there is a ' Buzz Collector Card''.

Easy completion: 
In level 3 in the Clueless mission (the second one where you talk to Milhouse a lot), drive
your car to Wall E. Weasle's. Then, talk to Milhouse at the Noiseland Arcade. When you get 
into your vehicle, you will have already be there. Then, before you talk to Milhouse, drive
to Planet Hype. Then, go back and talk to Milhouse. Run to your vehicle and enter it. The 
vehicle should be at Planet Hype. You should have completed the task. Then, before you talk 
to Milhouse again, drive to the Springfield sign. Run back and talk to Milhouse. Then, run 
to your vehicle. Enter it, and you should now be done with this task. Exit the vehicle then
talk to Milhouse to complete the mission. Note: This only works if you do it before you talk
to Milhouse.

Bones from grass:
When you drive on the grass on Homer's second level (level 7, the Halloween level), bones 
should come out of your wheels and go all over the pedestrians.

Avoiding the police:
Enable the "Super jumps" and "Invincibility" codes. When you get a hit and run, constantly 
jump to avoid them. If you enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" code, you will be able 
to destroy them if you jump and land on a car. This trick is also useful for avoiding the 
mob, etc. Enable the "Invincibility" and "Instant vehicle explosion" codes. When a hit and
run appears, avoid the police cars and you will not get busted. Note: Your hit and run meter
will keep going down until it is at zero. When you get a Hit And Run, the police will chase 
you. To escape them, go into a building, fenced in back yard (for example, the Simpsons' or 
Flanders'), on top of a building (for example, the Kwik E Mart, School, or tower by the 
broken bridge in Homer's and Marge's level). In Marge's first level, you can go to the top
level of the big mansion and police will not get you. Wait in those places until the Hit 
And Run meter goes out.Get the fire truck and get a Hit And Run. Then, stand on top of it
and the police will just keep smashing into it and eventually give up. 

Car list:
Family Sedan
Pickup (Cletus' truck)
Hover Car
Hover Bike
Sedan (Moe's)
Sedan (Skinner's)
Kremlin (Comic Book Guy)
Open wheel race car
Globex Villain Car
Fire Truck
Police Car
36 Stutz Bearcat
70's Sportscar
Bandit (Snake's car)
Car Built For Homer
Zombie Car
Chase Sedan
Clown Car
Krusty's Limo
Burns' Limo
Cola Truck
Donut Truck
Armored Truck
Duff Truck
Surveillance Van
Malibu Stacy Car 
School Bus
Honor Roller
Nerd Car
Tractor (Willie's)
Jet Car (level 1 bonus)
Monorail (level 2 bonus)
Night Boat (level 3 bonus)
ATV (level 4 bonus)
Monster Truck (level 5 bonus)
Pink Cadilac (level 6 bonus)
RC Car (level 7 bonus) 

Power plant workers:
This trick will turn all people in level one into power plant workers. Enable the 
"Press [Horn] to jump while in car" code. Go to the power plant. In a car, go to the
Stone Cutters' cave exit. When in the Stone Cutters tunnel, there should be a room 
with a small ramp. Go off it, and when at the edge of the ramp, press [Horn]. This 
should send you flying above the tunnel. If not, try again. After this is accomplished,
all people in the level will be turned into power plant workers. 

Exclamation point in level:
Enable the "Press [Horn] to jump while in car" code. in Lisa's level. Jump off the 
top of the steps near the gas station. While in the air, look in the water. You will
see an exclamation point in the water.

Drive in circles in the ocean: 
Enable the "Press [Horn] to jump while in car" code. In Bart's level 6, go to the 
Sqiudport. Jump or just drive to the area of the pier just above the ramp leading 
down to the beach. From there, face the ocean and jump (using the horn) towards the 
ocean. From there, you should be able to reach the ocean (if not, try again). When 
you reach the ocean, rather than your car smashing against an invisible barrier, 
you will fall into the water. As you try moving your car in any direction, you will 
just spin in circles. To exit, skip to a mission from the menu or exit the level. 

Free play mode:
Before a mission, when the goal is "Talk to " you can drive around 
Springfield with no objective or time limit. You can do this in any level, but it is
still possible for you to get a Hit and Run.

Avoiding the police:
In Apu or Bart's first level, get A Hit And Run then drive to the construction site.
Jump up through the Krusty-glass with the dirt pile, then stay inside the building.
The police cannot get you there, and they will eventually give up.

Enable the "Press horn to jump while in car" and "invincibility" codes. On Marge's 
or Homer's first level, jump into a backyard (the Wiggum's backyard reccomended) 
after getting a Hit And Run. The police cannot get you there and will eventually 
give up. You can then beat up Ralph for some funny sayings such as "I just made an 
uh-oh" or "Ooh, my pee came out!" or "I see dead people" or "I bent my wookie!.

Tips for winning:
If you have trouble winning a race in a level, you can skip it and come to it when
you have a better car in the next level. Mouselook is turned off by default. By 
turning it on, it makes the jumping puzzles a lot easier.

Change Game stats:
First, open the Start menu, open Search, at the left of the window, in "Name of/or 
part of folder" type "Vivendi"'. 

Open the folder "The Simpsons: Hit and Run". Once in the folder make a backup folder
of "Scripts" & "Art". Open "Scripts" and then open "Vehicles". 
Open file "v_famili" with Notepad. You will now see scripting codes like:
setgasscale:120.00 ect. So play around with the codes.

The moon from Abe's Odyssey:
In Bart's level 2, go down to where the shipwreck and the red is running into the 
water at the Squidport. Look at where the lighthouse is shining. When the light faces
backwards, it will shine on the moon that is in Abe's Odyssey, with the hand print 
on it.
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