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The Sims Cheats & Hints

The Sims

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

This the way of playing at The Sims without using cheat:
Submitted by: CimPin

First make family to become your friend later, make 1 family by 8 its member, 
min you make 2 family, so that totalize your friend later there is 16 people, 
place them at empty place, to be easier enough make wall and place telephone 
to each every family, so that is easy to contacted later.

Second make your family, you better only just 1 person of your family member.
place him/her at the cheapest house, then buy just important furniture, wich 
is phone, paint appliance, mirror, bookcase, and chess.

Third engage in, a moment u come home from worktake your time to learn to to 
cook, make ripe Iesson full, so that way you can buy stove of wich later good 
for fulfilling hunger. don't forget spare time moment to get acquainted with 
late neighbour or wich stop by to your house, enough acquaintanceship first. 
when cooking have full, you cam fulfill the other exp for example logical.
Fourth if all job have full (Cooking, Logical, etc), its time to you to make 
friends, now use your time after job activity to make family friends, because 
one of the condition get promotion is friends. if fufilled hence you'd quickly 
get promotion and quickly get money many, you can reach highest rank, for 
example General or of Mad Scientis.

Improving skill levels of newbies quickly:
note: Sims + all add ons cheat

Submitted by:  by

one of the most tiring this is getting the skills level up for the sims, 
which latter helps in the daily lives of the sim characters.

if you restart the tutorial (which you can do from the option manue)

you start with the newbie home with bob in it. now if you follow the toturial 
instructions till the female character is introduced and then stop followng 
the tutorial it would not go any further.

Now press Alt+Ctrl+shift+c thing to bring the prompt for rosebud or money cheat
add some thousands go back to buy mode and buy stuff like.

book shelf
chess board,
excercise machine
mirror  etc to enhance the skills

you would notice that both the characters would carry on improving their 
skills and would not get tired and their needs would not turn red. speed 
up the clock so that both reach their max in chrisma, body, logic, cooking 
etc. skills. after that finsih the tutorial now you have a family with full 
skills and ready to climb the career ladder quickly, only hinderence would 
be the requirement of making friends.

you have many options like throwing parties and all that to do it.

Everlasting food:
Submitted by:  Jordan & Jess Brislen

How  you get everlasting food; Go to "Move_objects on" then Make your 
sim eat food & while he is eating move your sim anywhere. Your sim is 
full & you get a new plate to prepare! Do this as much as you want. 

Outside stuff inside:
Submitted by: Rhin0

Here's a way to have outside objects (like a basketball court) inside. 
Create a room and remove a wall facing outside. This will make the game 
consider the room outside. Place the desired objects and then rebuild 
the wall.

How To Build a Sims SkyWalk:
Submitted by: Christopher Chandler 

Start or add a home with a finished 1st floor.
Start a second floor by adding support posts through the yard away 
from the house in a pattern very close together.

Try building floor starting at the edge of the upstairs and in to the 
yard on the posts. If done right the floor will lay in succession as the 
path progresses.(posts must be so that each step is covered)

Build a path to your liking that could be used as an open walkway.
When done with the path, go back to the first floor and remove the posts 
from the yard to leave the Skywalk Freestanding. Unless you plan to add 
Restaurant or other to skywalk the posts can go until you need to add 
more room, then just put some posts up under the floor space and remove 
again after addition is added.

(wall support needed while building, not afterward.)
Good idea to add stairs booth prior to Skywalk for access if not planning 
a full upstairs. This can be done outside the house in the open for skywalk, 
and serves as an end support.

Submitted by: Emy D

Put a sim in the bath go on buy mode bring up the cheat box by pressing shift
control and c all at the same time. type in move_objects on and then press 
enter click on the person in the bath and take them to a swimming pool if you
own one. Next put the sim above the diving board and take a photo if a woman 
it loks like when they jumped in there bikini fell off.

Submitted by: L Z.

If you getting robbed and you don't have a secrurity system, put a wall outside
your house the way the robber is going and when he runs out of your house he 
will stop because he can't go anywere. make sure to call the police.

For a realy long balcony with no pillars: 
Submitted by: tim

Just go to downstairs veiw, put the  pillars where you want the floor to be, 
goto upstairs veiw and click undo last move until all the pillars are gone. 
if you have done this propely you should still be able put floor where the 
pillars where to put floor.

Submitted by: Patrick 

To make People Swim in Their Clothes you will need the move objects cheat on.
You will also need a pool or something simalar. Then you pause the game and 
move any person on to water. This also work well with sleeping people because 
the will wake up and fall in to the water.

Submitted by: Ross tipping

To see ghosts of people you have killed send them to dive in a pool and then 
delete the steps once they are dead move the tomb stone over to the side do 
this alot and at night some ghosts might come back but you may have to wait a
few nights
note: it will be at night they come back not day time.

Eric Mintzer, Submitted the following Information:

Go to buy or build mode. hold press (shift-ctrl-alt-c) a box will come up at 
the upper left hand corner. Type in (move_objects on). Click on the outside 
garbage can. then move it into the kitchen. your sims will still throw away 
in the normal garbagecan but whaen they empty itthey will only have to take 
a few steps. 

cheater, Submitted the following Information:

Some people you have to enter that long code klpacus or somthing like that, well 
just type rosebud easy to remember,rose bud gives you 1000 simolens,and you can 
still use the repeat code after you have typed in the rosebud code.

Submitted by: Fiona

If you want to kill your sims put them in the pool and then go to Buy mode and 
take out the steps into the pool. Then go to live mode again and fast forward 
the time and soon the sims will die of exhaustion!!!!!

Dont Pay Bills!!!:
Submitted by: SwooshJNT

When your sim sets the bills on the table, simply type control+shift+C and a 
grey box will appear. Then, type move_objects on into the grey box and go to 
buy mode. Click on the bills, and then you can just delete them!!!

Build Anywhere!!!:
Submitted by: SwooshJNT

Make the cheat box appear, then type in map_edit on, and all the squares on 
your map will have dots on them. All the squares with white dots you can put
your objects on, but the squares with red dots you can't. So if you click on
the squares with red dots, the dots will turn white and you can build on them.
If you do this to your road out front, you can make it carpet or anything else
you want. If you have a job, the carpool will drive on the carpet, too!

Hear Your Own Toons!!!:
Submitted by: SwooshJNT

First, go to MY COMPUTER on your desktop. Whether you install your Sims game 
in the D drive or the C drive doesn't matter, but whatever one it is, click 
on that drive. Then go to PROGRAM FILES, then MAXIS, and then the Sims. Now 
click on the MUSIC file, and then click on the STATIONS folder. Now, put your
own music (MP3s) in the files, LATIN, ROCK, CLASSIC, or COUNTRY. Then when you
go into your Sims game and turn on the radio, change to the station you put 
your music in and you can see your Sims dancing to your favorite songs!
WARNING!!! You can try to change the music for the buy modes, build modes, 
neighborhood modes, and loading, but I wouldn't because it doesn't mess up 
your game, but your game either wont load, or takes a long time to until you
change the music back.

Submitted by: angela

In the sims, go to one of the neighbourhoods, then type ctrl,alt,z and then 
type moveobjects on, then you can create your house anywhere.And you can also
wait until a car comes, and then build a road on your property, then place the
car on your road, then the car will just keep on driving.HAVE FUN!

Want Sex in Sims:
Submitted by: NickyBoom

Build a tub or a shower etc. then press ctrl+alt+shift+c then type "move_objects 
on" (without ""). tell your sim to get bath when they are inside the tub;shower 
etc. goto buy mode and select the hand tool. now select the tub in which sim is 
and move it apart. do not delete the tub otherwise yor sim will dissappear. Now 
you have naked sim....especially naked Sim WOmen

Submitted by: Gazza Jones

hold in shift,control,alt and c and a cheat box will apear in the corner of your
screen in that box type Klapaucius then !; !; !; !; !; for a while then keep 
taping enter and if you tap it for a while your money will of rose to a realy
high amount you can only go upto 9,000,000.

james finnerty, Submitted the following Information:

How to make a child stay off school: you type in the cheat 'move_objects on' 
then you use the hand,and you grab the school bus when its parked outside and
before the child gets on the bus and you press delete.

Submitted by: Bart Libert aka L@p!no

Buy a telescope and put it outside. Now look through the telescope for a long
time (so you gain at least 3 or 4 points). Now, with a little luck, you'll get
abducted by Aliens. Don't worry, after a few days, you will return (I hope). 
If you don't return, have another sim look through the telescope, now the sim 
should return.

Getting your Sims Mood Bars FULL WITHOUT losing your job:
Drikus Jansen Van Vuuren, Submitted the following Information:

Press Control + Shift + C then type:
Move_Objects on and press enter Then save your game go to build mode, choose
the sim you want to be full mood,then press delete go to live mode then click 
on your sim's face the one you deleted and he will be somewhere in his house 
with all mood bars full without losing jobs,points etc

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Silvia, Remo en Rita 

Enter [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[C] during the Life-mode.
Cheat              Result
KLAPAUCIUS       - 1000 extra Simdollars
INTERESTS        - Find out about your Sims interests
MOVE_OBJECTS ON  - You can move all the objects you want, 
                   also Sims ( in PAUSE-mode)
MOVE_OBJECTS OFF - Disactivate this option
!;!;!;!;!;       - Repeat previous cheat ( up to 60 times)

Instant good mood:
Submitted  by: flash

You need to add "But,when doing so you will lose your job and any score points.
For example,if you have 5 cooking points...and 3 body will lose 
them all...and you will have to earn then again. to the end.

Dont pay the bills:
Submitted by: Screwyz

Turn on the "Move_objects on" cheat. When ever the mailman delivers the mail, 
have a sim retrieve it. Then go into build mode, and use the hand, grab the 
bills, and press delete, or drag to the bottom of the screen.

Dont pay the maid:
Turn on the "Move_objects on" cheat. After the maid finishes her job, go into
build mode, select the hand, grab the maid, and press delete, or drag to the 
bottom of the screen. You will have to have a sim call the maid service again
you will keep your simonians.

Instant good mood:
Turn on the "move_objects on" cheat. Get the hand tool in build mode, and select 
the sim you want to put in a good mood. Grab him, and drag to the bottom of the 
screen, he will reappear somewhere in the house will all his "mood bars" full.

Submitted by: fmail: Horacio Sormani

You will be a serius murderer!:
Construct a swimming pool with only springboards.(The people can enter the 
swimming pool but canīt leave it). You can put to jump members of your family
(but don't cry if they dead) or you can put yor neighbors with the trick of 
move objects into the swimming pool. In a few hours into there they will be 
dead, and a tomb will appear next to the swimming pool.(you can sell it for 
5 simoleons)

Don't pay the pizza:
When you  call for a pizza (if you already type the cheat for move objects 
-move_objects on-) you can click on the pizza (in construction mode hand) and
put it on a table. Hot,smoky,and crunchy to eat! 

Don't keep my baby!!
When the social assistant comes to keep out your baby, press control+shift+c 
and type move_objects on.Put the construction mode (hand) and press on the 
social assistant.Then press Supr. The baby will born again.

Open Cheat Screen:
Submitted by: EGe

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display a prompt in the upper 
left corner of the screen. 

Note:, enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered.
Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time.

Result                                                   Code 
1000 Simoleons                                          - klapaucius  

Add new family history stat to the current 
family                                                  - hist_add 

Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt 
every time a route is found                             - write_destlist 

Architecture tools automatically set the level as 
needed                                                  - auto_level 

Automatically import and load indicated FAM file        - import  

Automatically load indicated house, no questions 
asked                                                   - house  

Check and fix required lot objects                      - prepare_lot  

Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT - flush 
Crash game                                              - crash 
Create moat or streams                                  - water_tool  
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files                          - shrink_text    
Create-a-character mode                                 - edit_char  
Display personality and interests                       - interests  
Draw all animation frames disabled                      - draw_all_frames off  
Draw all animation frames enabled                       - draw_all_frames on  
Draw colored dots at each person's origin               - draw_origins 
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt         - core_dump 

Dump selected person's most recent list of scored 
interactions to a file                                  - dump_happy 

Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a 
file                                                    - dump_mc 

Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for 
social interactions                                     - debug_social 

End sim logging                                         - sim_log end   
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats             - cht  
Floorable grid disabled                                 - draw_floorable off  
Floorable grid enabled                                  - draw_floorable on  
Force an assert for testing                             - assert  
Log animations in the event log window                  - log_animations 
Map editor disabled                                     - map_edit off  
Map editor enabled                                      - map_edit on  
Move any object                                         - move_objects  

No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is 
loaded                                                  - tutorial off 
Prevent web browser crashes                             - browser_failsafe  
Preview animations disabled                             - preview_anims off  
Preview animations enabled                              - preview_anims on  
Programmer stats                                        - tile_info  
Quit game                                               - quit 
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt       - #import 
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch          - rebuild_cp 

Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose 
IFF files are writable                                  - refresh_faces 

Rematch dependent textures and regenerate 
bitmaps for all user characters                         - refresh_textures 
Restore tutorial                                        - restore_tut  
Rotate camera                                           - rotation   
Routing debug balloons disabled                         - route_balloons off  
Routing debug balloons enabled                          - route_balloons on  

Run series of random operations on unhoused 
families                                                - fam_test  
Save currently loaded house                             - save  
Save family history file                                - history  
Say "plugh"                                             - plugh  
Say "porntipsguzzardo"                                  - porntipsguzzardo  
Say "xyzzy"                                             - xyzzy  
Selected person's path displayed                        - draw_routes on  
Selected person's path hidden                           - draw_routes off  
Set event logging mask                                  - log_mask  
Set free thinking level                                 - autonomy   
Set game speed                                          - sim_speed   
Set grass change value                                  - edit_grass :  
Set grass growth                                        - grow_grass   
Set lot size                                            - lot_size   
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator             - sim_limit   
Set sim speed                                           - sim_speed   
Set time of day                                         - set_hour   
Set z offset for thought                                - bubbles bubble_tweak   
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path             -  

Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag. 
Requires rotation                                       - lot_border      
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects       - allow_inuse 
Show memory view window in debug builds of the game     - memview 
Start sim logging                                       - sim_log begin  
Swap the two house files and updates families           - swap_houses    
Ticks disabled                                          - sweep off  
Ticks enabled                                           - sweep on  
Tile information displayed                              - tile_info on  
Tile information hidden                                 - tile_info off  

Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the 
keyboard                                                - visitor_control 

Toggle assets report                                    - report_assets  
Toggle automatic object reset feature                   - auto_reset 
Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop             - sim_peek 
Toggle camera mode                                      - cam_mode  

Toggle display of unavailable interactions in person 
control menus                                           - all_menus 

Toggle music                                            - music  
Toggle object compression in save file                  - obj_comp 
Toggle quaternion transformations                       - quats  
Toggle sound log window                                 - sound_log  
Toggle sounds                                           - sound  
Toggle web page creation                                - html  

Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits 
and skins                                               - reload_people 

Trigger sound event                                     - soundevent  
Write out an RTE file every time a route is found       - write_routes 
Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt       - #export 

Quick money:
Enable cheat mode and enter the klapaucius code. Display the cheat 
prompt again and type 
(up to sixty total commands may be entered).

Magic garbage bag:
The following trick saves the time needed to take the garbage to 
the street. Buy the 30 simolian trash can. Order your Sim to empty 
it, then cancel the order just as they remove the bag from the can. 
Then, order them to pick up the mess that they just created. 
Your Sim will return the full bag to an empty can. Repeat this 
each time it fills and trash will never have be brought outside again. 

Less bills:
Keep an unpaid bill until the mailman delivers the next set of 
bills. Pay the original bill when your mailbox is filled with 
the next set of bills. This should cause the bills inside the 
mailbox to disappear.

7000 Simoleons: 
Enter the "1000 Simoleons" cheat, then type "!;!;!;!;!;!;!" at 
the command prompt. 

Submitted by: Justin Spier

This is a cheat to get out of paying bills, it is different to what other 
people say of how to get ot of paying bills here it is got to cheat screen
(shift+ctrl+alt+c) then type move_objects on then pick up the mail box in 
buy mode and delete the mail box simple as that.

* Before jumping into the action, take the time to create a neighborhood 
  filled with Sims. This will make it easier for your Sims to make friends
  later in the game. 

* In the early going, fight the temptation to buy a lot of big-ticket items.
  Instead, save your money and buy only the bare necessities. 

* Before getting a job, make a couple of friends and try to increase some 
  of your work attributes. This way, once you get a job, you'll move up the
  ladder a bit faster.

Submitted by: Lizzie Hingley

Get the cheat box up by holding down shift, ctrl and C together and in the 
cheat bow type in "move_objects on". This will enable you to pick up the sims
in the buy mode and move them around.

ee people swimming on land!:
Submitted by: Ra

This cheat will work on somebody who is currently leaving your house.(eg. Maid, 
Guests, the Repo Man etc.) Turn on the move_objects on cheat. Now make a swimming
pool and put the guy (or gal) inside. The person will get out of the water and 
start swimming his way out, on ground!

Get extra cash:
Submitted by: Jade 

Get your sims down town and get them to buy magazines e.g: Victors Digest get 
them to get several copies of each. when you get home the sims will put the 
magazines on the table. Turn on the move_objects on cheat delete the magazines
and you will sell them for $460 each.

If you dont like Babies Gender:
Submitted by: Bubbles

If you don't like your babies gender then just neglects the baby until the social 
services girl comes and the do the cheat: move_objects on and delete the social 
sevices lady.As soon as you go back to live mode the baby will be reborn again. 
It can be reborn the same gender(then you would have to keep doing this cheat) 
Or a different Gender!

Big House!!!:
Submitted by: Kat

Press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [C] and wait for the grey box to appear. When it does, 
type into the box 'move_objects on' (without the 's). When you've done that, 
go to the 'Build' section. Click on the 'flooring' tool. Press and hold [CTRL]
down so that you get the 'Delete Flooring' tool. Now you can delete all paths 
and roads OUTSIDE the grid area!

Submitted by: Vibhav

What you are reading is very long but the method takes hardly 15 sec. 
No need to type 'klapaucius' with !; or rosebud again and again.Open a 
wordpad or similiar, then type klapaucius.Then type the sign !;.
Now, select the !; sign with the space, ie.( !;)
and copy it. now press ctrl+v. the sign will be copied till you leave 
the buttons. Now save the file. Your easy money cheat is ready.Before 
you start your game open the file and copy the whole thing wriiten. in 
the game press ctrl+shift+c and then ctrl+v and enter. you get loads of 
money in a 5 sec.
Also there is a site called WWW.the sims resource. whare you find loads of 
things for down loads for sims. down load at your own risk.If something happens, 
i am not responsible.For any help, E-mail me at

Submitted by: Raj

This is how you can increase your money without klapaucius cheat-mind you 
it increases only by 15 cheatbox and type the move_objects 
on cheat. then ask the sims to have a snack. As soon as they take it out 
of the fridge,cancel the order. Then go in buy mode and sell the chips 
for Rs.15!

Submitted by: Le Phu Thuan

use "move_objects on" : when your character appear with good mood, you can 
do anything : train your skill points,...and then save your game, delete 
your character again, then he/she will appear with good mood without lose 
the learned skill, job,...

Submitted by: Nate The Great

The Sims and all the Expantion Packs
text: Pull up the cheat window and type rosebud !;!;!; then hold shift and hit the 
left arrow key to highlight it and hit control C and then go to the end aand hold 
Control V until you can't get anymore room then backspace one space and type : 
then hold enter and your money will go up 100,000 at a time (your money will show 
it has stopped at 9,999,999 but it keeps going.

Submitted by: Jun Heng

Building a garage:Just turn on the "move_objects on"cheat and get your Sim a job.
When the carpool arrives go to build mode,build some pillars beside and on the 
road(remember,beside the car,but you need to move the car away) Then build some 
floor up the pillars and delete the pillars on the road(REMEMBER,don't delete 
the pillars beside or it is not a garage ANYMORE!!!)the next time the carpool 
arrives,see the car parking in your garage!!

Lovely eye colour, Darling:
You can have white eye colours which is quite cool(if you look carefuly,it IS difrent 
from the silver ones).

1 go to your neighbourhood
2 type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true in the cheat bar(Ctrl+Alt+C)
3 go and create a family
4 type in a name starting with N(you can change the name afterwards)
5 click the custom skintoes, change it to alien ones
6 change your eye colour to the alien one(the full black one)
7 change your skintone to the manequin one
8 tada! your eyes will be white!

Friends with everyone:
So I encountered a small problem with being friends with everyone.
So you bring up the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and you type in 'BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled 
true' then you shift click on the mailbox, and you select 'Make me friends'. This will make 
you friends (at a 55 relationship) with everyone in town.
The problem I found with this is that all the NPC friends call you at the same time. They 
all phone to say 'Hey, haven't heard from you in a while' or whatever. And it gets really 
annoying. However, you can fix this by just deleting your phones. 

Death and the gold gravestone:
if ur sims apiration metter is the highest it can go when they die of old age they will 
get a gold grav stone but only if their aspiration was the highest it could go.

Want to be happy?:
First thing first, press (Ctrl+Shift+C) Then type in (BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true). 
Capitols AND ALL! Then Hold down shift and press the mail box, then to the RIGHT it says 
make me happy. Press it. And you can do almost anything with your sim!

Bigger Lot:
get the cheat box up ctrl+shift+c and then type expand lot you will be able to put things 
outside of your lot (p.s. if it a thing a sim can use then dont put it outside ur regular 
lot size.)

Floating Heads:
To get floating heads, you have to:
Go onto neighbourhood, then onto create a family, then:
Type in: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
then press enter. After that, type press SHIFT=N. (this will come out with new outfits, 
too), then make your sim as normal. when you get to the number five,(the clothing section)
the first thing (as you probably know) is casual clothing. scroll though the clothing, and
when you've found the invisible top half icon thingy, click on it, like you do with normal
clothes. This will make your sims' top half dissapear. Do the same with the pants.
And there you have it, a floating head person!! GO YOU!

Kill the grim reaper:
Make a family with 2+ people, and move them into a house (any). make a mini cabin outside 
the house and really far away, and get one of the people to go into in, delete all doors 
and windows. Make sure there is a fireplace in there and lotsa chairs! Light the fireplace,
and put a chair infront of it. GET THE GUY TO SIT ON IT TILL IN TURNS ON FIRE. v. important.
he'll die (duuhh) and the grim reaper will come and laugh like an evilo thingy. Then he'll 
catch on fire aswell, cuz no one will of gone in to put it out! Dead reaper!
Note - there will be a cabin with enteral fire.

Zombie sims:
If your sim dies, and death comes, ask a sim to plead with death. your sim will hopefully 
be turned into a personalitly-less Zombie! Er Errrr! Must eat humeburgers.

Perfect Personality:
Create a sim with no personality points. Move the sim into a lot and buy a bunch of 
chemistry sets. Have your sim make potions until a yellow potion is created. Drink the 
potion and the sim will have maximum personality points for each personality trait. This 
may take a while because the yellow potion is probably the least common potion that a sim
can create. Have the sim drink every blue potion created because it helps its mood stay 
green, allowing it to make more potions.

Chemistry Set:
Submitted by: Nicole

These are the chemistry set potions:

Green ~ Evil clone (do move_objects on and delete the clone)

Blue ~ Puts sim in really good mood (maxes all motives) This is the most common potion.

Orange ~ Makes sim invisible

Yellow ~ Changes sim's personality

Red ~ Someone falls in love with the sim

Purpley-pink ~ Sim turns into Frankenstein for 1 hour and destroys house - don't 
               delete...sim doesn't come back if you do!!

Light Green ~ Puts sim in a bad mood

Black ~ Lets you change sim's head and skin color, but not personality. 
        The most uncommon potion to get.
Yeah it works, i use it all the time,
Good luck,!

How to be a single parent:
Want a kid but not a spouse? befriend or create a nieghbor with a kid. call and invite 
the kid over continuously. after maybe ten times it will ask if you'd like to adopt a 

Submitted by: Eden 

To have a floating house put LOTS of pillars on the bottom floor then on the second 
floor make a house as you would normally. Take away all the pillars and hey presto!! 
Floating house. To get your sims into the house use the move_objects cheat and lift 
them in.

Lost Your Job? Get it back:
To get your job back there are two ways to do it.
1.You can save your game before you miss work i.e it says the carpool will arrive in an
  hour for (name) and your Sim is still in bed or sleeping save it then.
2.Or if you didn't realise you were going to lose your job, turn the game off and back on
  again or go to the neighborhood without saving your game and go back to the house you 
  were on.

Stacked Sims:
Have a Sim sleep. Then, have another Sim sleep. Make sure they are in separate beds. 
Then, go into buy mode and enable the move_objects on code. Lift up a Sim and put it 
on the other Sim's bed. The other Sim will wake up. Next, put the Sim to sleep on where
the other Sim's bed (who is still sleeping). Then have the Sim who is still sleeping 
wake up. If done correctly, the Sims should be stacked on top of one another.

Build Skills fast/ always in a good mood:
Submitted by: Jimmy

Is it taking to long for your sims to build up skill (creativity, mechanics, cooking, 
charisma, etc) and it takes a while for you to put them in a good mood so they'll keep 
working at building up skills? well i found this very annoying but i found a solution. 
first you must put in the move_objects on cheat (enter in a cheat by pressing ctrl+shift+c).
then, when the sim is to depressed to do anything, save the game, go into buy mode, pick up 
the sim, and delete them. when you go into live mode, it'll show a little red target looking 
icon in the corner of your sims picture at the bottom of the screen, click it, and your sim 
will pop back up totally replenished and in a great mood. you can build up there skills fast 
by doing this, espeacially when you fast-foward the game. if you have sims unleashed, 
you can do this on pets also.
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