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Time Commando Cheats & Hints

Time Commando

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo
Type in during gameplay:

Code     Result
HUIBON - All weapons
VONLUX - Health
OTOREL - Auto Reload
VENRUF - Stops Virus
TIXOBO - Skip Stage

Type in at start code menu:
COMMANDO        Access secret level

Level Codes:
                Easy            Normal          Hard
Roman           YPTERFGZ        QJSLVABL        SOIOLGNK
Japanexe        NKTOLVIF        KAYAGEAF        TFJSVJMC
Middle Age      VMXYICCB        MZFSPQDD        XFYAMXIE
Conquistadors   FDQLUGGCC       AVMJFGGU        ZOVASAIV
Wild West       ZREHQFIR        EVBSVTCV        BODSGWLW
Modern Wars     FBTAWPFC        YLHHGXBO        VEJHMQKO
Future          X               ALPYPJFO        ZEYPCEHQ
Beyond Time                     YBULVABN        HMFDLGNN

Start with 99 chips and 4 batteries:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Enter ACTIVATE on the password screen

Other Tips:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

In the Roman Empire try searching the baskets in level 1. 

World War 2: When the man with the machine-gun shoots you from 
above try searching the trash can, then fire a bazooka missle 
into the window of the man who shoots... 

Future - Level 2: After you defeat the main boss, don't pull 
the lever to end the stage before putting on the space-uniform 
or else... 

Modern wars - Level 2. When you first start out there will be 
a dog sitting in front of an old car, DONT SHOOT IT!!! Go up to 
it and click on it, it will get up and show you all the secrets 
of the level. Just follow it! It can be killed so protect it.

Stop the Virus:
Type in Venruf to stop the virus, there will be a sound if you do 
it right. This is very helpful for harder modes

Knight Fight:
In Level 2, in Medieval Times, when you face the two knights at once,
get them close together and trick one of them to hit the other. They 
will start fighting each other and then you will only have to face 
one knight instead of two.
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