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Timelapse Cheats & Hints


Submitted by: rickHH

Although you can move using the mouse, I would advise you to use the 
arrow keys, since that way you can see in which directions you can 
go.  Try turning on the spot in the different directions available, 
otherwise you might miss something important.  Needless to say, 
you have to move the mouse around on the screens to see what can be 
manipulated.  In the close-ups, be aware that sometimes it is not 
enough to click on an item:  you actually have to place the hand 
icon on it and move it in the direction you wish the item to move.

Early on you will find a journal, which can then be accessed by 
pressing Control + J.  There is no need to read the whole thing at 
one go.  Just read the bits referring to the scenario you are in, 
sometimes you get a clue.  Fortunately, the journal will 
automatically open in the part corresponding to wherever you are.

The items you will find immediately are the camera and the 
Use the camera sparingly, you will need it more later on.
If you can manage it, do simple drawings of the symbols you 
need to remember. You will certainly need pencil and paper.

As ever, I would suggest you read only up to where you are 

The Solution
Submitted by: Dj Simo


After watching the intro, the game starts with you facing 
some stones. From here on, "right" means your right hand 
side and "left", your left hand side. So, turn right, 
advance, turn right, advance, get the camera, retreat 
and go back to the
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