- Wanted - Weapons of Fate Game Cheats and Hints

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Wanted - Weapons of Fate Cheats & Hints

Wanted - Weapons of Fate

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following binary codes to unlock the cheat option. To
use a cheat, pause game play and turn it on at the "Code Enhancement"
menu. When a cheat is enabled, that particular chapter will not be 
available for replay after the game has been completed. 

Code        Effect
01010111  - Unlocks Airplane Bodyguard
01110100  - Unlocks Cinematic Mode
01100101  - Unlocks Close Combat Mode
01010100  - Unlocks Cross
01001100  - Unlocks Health Improvement
01101101  - Unlocks Infinite Adrenaline
01101111  - Unlocks Infinite Ammo
01000100  - Unlocks Janice
01110010  - Unlocks One Shot One Kill
01100001  - Unlocks Special Suit
01001111  - Unlocks Super Weapons
01000011  - Unlocks Wesly
01100111  - Headshot Mode
01000100  - Unlocks message: 'Use 01000100 in DVD'

Unlockable: Characters:
To play as any character besides Wesley or Cross, defeat that
character (on any difficulty). Here is a list of characters:

Airplane Bodyguard  - Complete Headshot mode/ Unlocked with Code 01010111
Brummel             - Defeat Brummel during game play. 
The Immortal        - Defeat The Immortal during game play. 
Nightmare           - Complete Close Combat mode. 
The Original Spider - Defeat The Original Spider during game play. 
The Russian         - Defeat The Russian during game play. 
SWAT Leader         - Defeat SWAT Leader during game play.
Arana               - Kill Arana on Assassin difficulty.

Unlockable Nightmare:
Beat the game in Close Combat Mode to unlock Nightmare as a
playable character.

Easy Way to Kill the Imortal:
First get enough adrenaline to perform an enhanced quick movement then
equip the fire eater machine guns. Perform the eqm when the immortal is 
running from cover. When he disappears switch to the powerful pistol and
kill his men to get adrenaline. Repeat the process until he is dead. 
Works on every difficulty.

Killer difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the Assassin difficulty setting.
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