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War Games Cheats & Hints

War Games

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: maxim

Cheat mode:
These codes can be accessed in single player mode by 
hitting 't' and typing them or by hitting one of the 
F1....F4 keys.

Code           Result
eyeofgod     - Allows extra level of zoom on lower level machines
saladtossed  - Choose level (You will have to go to the load screen 
               after and do that CTRL h/w thing)
twobyfour    - Builds units (ex: twobyfour dragoon)
hermes       - Speeds up building of units
donkeys      - Anything that shoots a missile shoots jeeps
               instead of missiles
morningafter - Removes fog of war
gimmiegimmie - Allows you to build everything, even without 
               command center
unclejohn    - God mode
chaching     - Adds 10,000 to cash total every time it is entered
mrmuscle     - Upgrades player's armor
bigsofty     - Downgrades enemy armor
coffee       - Upgrades player's speed
beer         - Downgrades enemy speed
shaft        - Upgrade player's firepower
shank        - Downgrade enemy's firepower

Hint Select any Level:
1. Enable the code, exit the current mission, and press 
   [Ctrl] + H + W at the main menu. 
   Then, click on "Load" and select any mission. 

2. Valid names include dragoon, centre, defence, and other 
   designations used in the game.

Destroy all enemies:
Pause your game. Go to the upper left corner of the screen and you'll see a 
pop up that says surrender. Click it and unpause the game. The screen will 
look like it locked up. Pause the game again and then unpause it. All enemy 
units and buildings will disappear and in most cases, you will win the mission 
(not counting missions where you need to capture an enemy building, because 
since it is destroyed, you will fail). 

Unlimited cloke:
With the cloking tanks just press and hold the cloke button and it will count 
down into the - then let go and have unlimited cloke.
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