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Wargasm Cheats & Hints


Cheat 1:
Within the game, go to the in-game 3D and type in 
40HOURWEEKS to activate cheats.  
Go to the option screen, and you'll find the cheat 
button is activated. Press the following keys in 
cheat mode:

K = Jump into enemy vehicles:
Repeat to jump into every vehicle in any Level, including 
the WWWW section of the game. If you use this cheat in the 
Instant Action section of the game, it is possible to play 
the Instant Action missions in another vehicle altogether. 
Try playing the Instant missions in a chopper, then land 
your chopper in the Exit, when you've finished the level. 
It's the sign of a top player! 

F8 = Access the debug map:
In the map, you can position your vehicle anywhere you wish. 
This is done by moving the crosshair over an area of the map, 
then press 'Return'. 

W = Play the game in Wireframe mode

 Cheat 2 
Go to the war web.
Choose a map.
Select any scenario.
Choose any arm structure.
Allow game to load.

When you choose which position on map
to deploy forces, type in this code 
(no spaces) "40hourweeks" press enter.

Exit to main menu and go to options, 
then click on "detail".
You should see the cheat active button 
with  a red "X".
Click on button to make it a green
check mark, and go kill 'em!

Level - Password
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