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Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War 2 Cheats & Hints

Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War 2

Submitted by: RM

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

There Is Only War (25 points) - Terminate 500 Enemy Targets. 
Death from Above (10 points) - Kill 20 enemies using Assault Jump. 
Sweeping Advance (10 points) - Kill an enemy who is retreating. 
Emperor's Champion (10 points) - Kill a boss using only your Force Commander.
Lightning Assassin (10 points) - Kill a boss in less than one minute. 
Rant All You Will (30 points) - Complete "The True Enemy." 
The Cleansing Begins (30 points) - Complete "The Defense of Argus Gate." 
Astronomical! (30 points) - Recover the data from the Astronomic Array. 
Even In Death I Still Serve (30 points) - Complete "Into the Hive." 
Heroes of Angel Gate (30 points) - Complete "Secrets of Angel Forge." 
Fight to Survive (40 points) - Complete Campaign on Recruit difficulty. 
Hold back the Xenos (40 points) - Complete Campaign on Sergeant difficulty. 
Win the War (40 points) - Complete Campaign on Captain difficulty. 
Allies to the Cause (10 points) - Complete a mission in co-op mode. 
Allies to the Chapter (25 points) - Complete 15 missions in co-op. 
Battle Brothers (50 points) - Complete the Campaign in Co-op. 
Dug In (10 points) - Successfully defend 5 Strategic Assets. 
Massacre (10 points) - Complete 10 missions in a row without failing. 
Not one inch (10 points) - Defend a province without losing a single generator.
That's Close Enough (10 points) - Complete a mission with only ranged weapons.
Rush 'em (10 points) - Complete a mission under five minutes. 
Purge the Xenos (10 points) - Earn a 5 star Fury rating. 
Feel No Pain (10 points) - Earn a 5 star Resilience rating. 
Fleet of Foot (10 points) - Earn a 5 star Speed rating. 
The Book of Honor (10 points) - Get 15 stars on one mission. 
Fast Attack (15 points) - Gain a second deployment in a single day. 
Tireless warrior (15 points) - Gain a third deployment in a single day. 
Gladiator (25 points) - Play 10 Ranked Multiplayer Games. 
Wisdom of the Ancients (10 points) - View a recorded game. 
Veteran Victor (30 points) - 100 ranked wins. 
Aspect Warrior (20 points) - 20 online ranked games completed with Eldar.
Angel of Death (20 points) - 20 online ranked games played with Space Marines.
A proper Waaagh! (20 points) - 20 online ranked games completed with Orks. 
Great Devourer (20 points) - 20 online ranked games completed with Tyranid. 
Crush the Enemy (40 points) - Complete Campaign on Primarch difficulty.
The Warboss (30 points) - Complete "Raid Against the Warboss." 
The Avatar of Khaine (30 points) - Complete "The Wailing Doom."

Using DOW II Skirmish Maps to Enjoy a Second Single Player Campaign:
Submitted by: Gamesplorer

With some graph paper and a little record keeping, you can use the setup below to turn 
DOW II's skirmish maps into a second Single Player Campaign. The best thing about it is 
that you do not have to repeat any of the maps if you don't want to.

1. ) First create your new campaign map. 

On a piece of graph paper with 13 x 6 squares, assign 2, 4, or 6 squares to each skirmish 
map as outlined below. The skirmish maps for DOW II are for two players, four players, 
or six players. So on the graph paper campaign map below, one square of the graph paper 
is assigned to one player of a skirmish map. For these skirmish maps, the rectangular 
maps are arranged long-side down. I've already fitted the skirmish maps together to make 
a new campaign story out of the game which is below.

If the squares of the graph paper you are using are not large enough to let you write down 
information about each skirmish map you will use, then make the squares larger by assigning 
four of the smaller squares to a larger square and marking these new larger squares lightly 
in pencil. When you have all skirmish maps listed on the new 13 x6 campaign map, use a pen 
to boldly mark the borders of each skirmish map and write its number below on each skirmish 

[05][12][12][12][13][13] [09][09][09][10][10][10][11][19] 
[05][12][12][12][13][13] [14][14][14][15][15][15][16][16]

2.) In each skirmish map listed on the graph paper campaign map, write down the new name
of the skirmish map (for the purposes of this new campaign) and then, in parentheses, 
write the original name of the skirmish map as listed in the game. 

01 = Cliff Mines of Gath (Medean Cliff Mines)
02= Ruins of Gath (Ruins of Argus)
03= Outer Reaches (Outer Reaches]
04= Mirabilis Gate (Angel Gate)
05= Leviathan Hive. (Leviathan Hive).
06= Thorgun Outpost (Tiber Outpost)
07=Refinery Zone 1 (Calderis Refinery 2 player) Tyranid
08= Jungle of Gath (Green Tooth Junge) Orks
09=Capital Spire (Capital Spire)
10=Colchis Desert Gate (Argus Desert Gate)
11= Colchis High Stratum (Legis High Stratum) Eldar 
12= Refinery Zone 3 (Calderis Refinery 6-player) Tyranid
13= Refinery Zone 2 (Calderis Refinery 4-player) Tyranid 
14= Mirabilis Arena (Typhron Arena)
15= Colchis Plateau (Siccaris Plateau) Eldar 
16= Demian Depths (Golgotha Depths)
17= Lake Gath 
18= River of the Dead
19= Thorgun River

3.) Now for each skirmish map, write down which side currently controls the skirmish map,
the difficultly you want to play the map at, and the starting resource level you want to  
use. My suggested side assignments are above. Write the side assignments in pencil so that
you can erase them as the skirmish maps change hands during the campaign. 

4.) You are now ready to play the new campaign. The Space Marines are the above the planet, 
about to drop ship into their first skirmish map. The other sides are assumed to already be
on some given skirmish maps of the campaign map. 

Some suggestions for playing the campaign: 

You can either play one side, taking one skirmish map after another. This results in minimal 
replaying of maps.

Or you can simulate the other players by rolling a die to see which skirmish map next to their 
territory they will win next. (Roll one to determine which skirmish map they will fight, and 
then again to determine whether they win or not. Empty skirmish maps can simply be taken).

Or you can play each side in turn until one is predominate.

Or you can play the campaign as skirmishes against your friends. I'm sure you'll come up with 
variations of you own.

Here's the legend for this game.
*Space Marines, accept your orders! 

The High Lords of Terra have determined that the planet Mirabilis must be reclaimed in the
name of the Emperor. The name "Mirabilis" means "miracle." The miracle of this planet is 
that it contains an unbelievable amount of Prometheium deposits for a planet of its size.
Recent events have caused this planet to be lost to the Imperium. Reports from the Capital
Spire of Mirabilis speak of Tyranid infestations boiling up from the three Promethium refinery
zones southwest of the Capital. How this is possible, we do not know. But the fact of it is 
confirmed. In addition, the Outer Reaches from the Capital have reported Orks manifestations
emanating in a circle from the Gath Jungle. How they arrived, we know not. And last but not 
least, citizens attending the games at the Mirabilis arena have reported instances of a 
possible alien presence on the Colchis Plateau. As you know, any time the Tyranids put in 
an appearance, the Eldar are never far behind. In a word, brothers, Mirabilis is in a mess,
and the Emperor has placed it in our capable hands. 

* Burn the Heretic! Kill the Mutant! Purge the Unclean! All hail the Emperor!
Later on, it will be found out that eons ago Mirabilis had come into being by the collision 
of two planets, which just happened to seal a Tyranid hive ship into the upper layers of the 
resulting new planet. This is also why the planet has more Promethium deposits for a planet 
of its size. The extensive refining of Promethium on the planet eventually resulted in drilling 
down into the Tyranid hive ship, waking them. That brought the Eldar to the planet, and they 
brought the Orks there to distract the Imperials while they see to the destruction of the hive 
by destroying the planet.

There are new skirmish maps created by the user community. You can make new campaigns for 
them by simply taking graph paper and assigning, first, the maps with the largest number 
of players, and then maps with the second largest number of players, and so and so forth 
until a big enough campaign map results. Pay attention to what stories the skirmish maps 
suggest as you put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Happy campaigning!
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