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War Rock Cheats & Hints

War Rock

Cheat codes: 
Code            Result
123123         - Unlimited Health
opqw1`2        - Unlimited Health
hubert152200   - Unlimited Health	

Submitted by: Haspa

Blood Effect:
The Blood Effect option is normally disabled. To use it, select "Option", 
then the "Video" selection. Select "High Graphics" and set it to 
"Custom Preference". You can now turn on the "Blood Effect" option.

Three Guns For Two:
Purchase the guns you want to use from the Item Shop. 
Go into a game then select the weapon you want to start with from your inventory, 
then press OK. Before you hear the voice sound "GO! GO! GO!", quickly select another 
gun from your inventory before the game starts, this gun will be your extra gun it 
can either be a pistol or rifle.

If your timing is correct you should have (three) guns instead of just two. 
Move your mouse scrolling wheel (up and down) during gameplay, if you don't notice 
any weapons show up on the game screen then you did the cheat right.

Press the buttens 2 or 3 to pull out either your pistol or rifle. 
You can't play your third gun all the time just when you first pulled it out, 
you can't bring it back again unless you repeat the glitch.

Go to the dengbarun (whatever it is) team and when you spawn go to the staircase 
to you right, go to the edge of the staircase (also on the right) and lay down 
and go into it. You will be inside the staircase. Note: you cannot shoot out of 
the staircase when you are in it so when an enemy comes by, stick you head out of 
the staircase (from the place you entered) and then you can shoot him. 

Join the green team and when you spawn, run past the bomb site next to you, past 
the snowman to the dumpster, then take a right at the dumpster and go up to the 
pile of presents. Lay down and crawl into the wall on your right when you are facing 
the presents, you will go in. Note: You will not be able to shoot out unless you have 
at least your head out of the wall.

Side flip:
Press [Shift] + [Left] or [Right].

Submitted by: secret

In death match after spawning press [F4] then u have the cheat correct press [F4] 4x.
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