- Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Game Cheats and Hints

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  Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

-Go far left and pick up the matchsticks and the empty donut box.
-Now go far right and pick up the bone.
-Then click on the fire place so that there will be light.
-Now go to the right cell and click on the left candle stand
 (The one that is tilted).
-Go inside the left most cell and get the key from the wall.
-Come out and use the key in the closed cell.
-Go up the ladder and give the bone to the dog. You just have to 
 click on the dog.
-Go through the hole that is in the chimney.
-Pick up the donuts that you find on your way.
-Pick up the remote control which is hidden in the couch.
-Now go through the door on the left. Walk straight and click on the 
 TV. You will get the Box of SOUR CREAM DONUTS.
-Go through the brown door and then the red door. The music pattern on 
 the wall will be needed later. Click on it. Maybe you should write it 
 down somewhere for those who want to solve it themselves. For the rest
 I will be giving the sequence later.
-Keep looking for the fallen donuts on your way.
-Now come back out and go through the door which is near the big stairs.
 Keep going straight and you will end up in a Dining hall.
-Click on the covering bowl. To get those donuts you will have to play a
 game with the skeleton. When you win you will get the ASSORTED DONUTS.
-Come out to the main hall and go up the stairs. When you climb up the 
 stairs, climb up the ladder which goes to the attic. Play the game with
 the Bats and get the CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS
-Climb back down and go to the left door. Click on the mirror twice and
 then solve the jigsaw puzzle and get the MINI POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS.
-Come back out and go through the blue door which leads to the bedroom.
 Get the Bobby pin from the dressing table.
-Now go right, you will come to a bathroom. Take the newspaper which is
 on the floor.
-Come back out and go through the door on the right. Here is where you 
 will need the music pattern.
-Click on the spiders in this pattern...1444566654564 and you will get 
-Go back to the kitchen and use the Bobby pin to open the lock on the 
-Now go back to the master bedroom where you found the bobby pin. Go 
 through the big mouse hole that just opened behind the dressing table.
-Play the game with the mouse. Click on the blue berry muffins that pops
 up from the hole and fill in the box. You get the box of BLUEBERRY MUFFINS.
-Now go to the library. Click on the second shelf from the right and the 
 secret door will open. You will enter the maze. Keep going through the 
 maze till you find the Bobble heads. Talk to the Bobble heads to get the
 code for the exit. The code is 95844 But I think it change all the time.
 Not sure about that. Anyways its very easy to get the code from him you 
 just have to click him a few times and thats it. Enter the code on the 
 door and you are free.
-Make sure you collect all the CHOCOLATE COVERED DONUTS that are fallen 

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